The incidence of tuberculosis reduced in Astana

According to the official website of capital akimat, in the capital within the framework of the global conference of the world health organization on primary health care signed a declaration of intent to join the zero TB initiative.

The document was signed by Deputy akim of Astana, Yermek Amanshayev and Executive Director of the Stop TB Partnership (Stop TB Partnership) Ray, Diciu. Thus, Astana became the first city in Central Asia to join the coalition of cities «Zero TB» (initiative to reduce the incidence of tuberculosis – AVT.). This initiative will help to facilitate the detection and early diagnosis of tuberculosis and mobilize additional financial, technical and clinical resources to reduce the mortality and prevalence of tuberculosis in the city.

By signing this Declaration, local authorities have demonstrated political commitment, showing the world that the issues of tuberculosis in the capital are being addressed at a high political level.

«In general, the mayor's office is doing a lot of work in this direction. In recent years, we have managed to reduce the incidence of tuberculosis by four times. Such memoranda help us to enrich ourselves with new information, new solutions and solve the challenges that stand today», - said the head of Astana office of public health Kamalzhan Nadyrov.

In turn, the director of the partnership Stop TB (Stop TB Partnership) Dr. Luchika Diciu pointed to the effectiveness of the fight against tuberculosis at the local level.

«We realized that in the fight against tuberculosis it is difficult to reach zero at the national level. We came to the conclusion that it is easier to fight this disease from small areas, it is more effective even in terms of funding. That is, this work is easier to carry out at the local level. We are focused on working with cities because we see results. Even in such big cities it brings concrete results», she said.

The declaration, in its assessment, will focus on identifying potential patients, that is, people who have contracted tuberculosis, but are not yet aware of it.

«It is very important for us to focus on diagnostics. We can also help local authorities to buy equipment and medicines. Grant funding is also provided», - the expert concluded.

Learn more about the situation of tuberculosis in the city told the chief doctor of TB dispensary of Astana city Anna Tenaciously.

«In recent years, in Kazakhstan, as in Astana, there has been an improvement in all epidemiological indicators of tuberculosis. In the city for 10 years, the incidence of tuberculosis has decreased 4 times. Now every year in Astana are identified only about 400 new cases of the disease. Today we focus on the early detection of tuberculosis and, as a result, the early start of treatment. This is the most important prevention-we are thus breaking the epidemiological chain. This is the key to success. Since 2016, Astana has started to include new anti – tuberculosis drugs for the treatment of resistant forms of tuberculosis in treatment schemes, and this gives a very good effect, and we are now seeing a decrease in resistant forms of tuberculosis in Astana», she told to reporters.

Anyone with reduced immunity can get sick today, but in the risk group, according to the Director of the National scientific center of phthisis pulmonology Malik Adenov, representatives of socially vulnerable groups of the population, people suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, without a certain place of residence. In this regard, doctors recommend that everyone identify complaints suspected of tuberculosis and refer the person to the doctor.

«They can be detected not only by a doctor, but also by any other person – relatives, friends or colleagues. Among them – a sharp decrease in body weight, loss of appetite, prolonged cough-more than 2 weeks, a slight temperature, usually in the evening, night sweats. We need to consider, not the TB does it go to the doctor and be examined», – summarized Anna Tenaciously.

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