Single accumulative pension fund (SAPF) explains the rules of receiving payments on the state guarantees

SAPF warned its investors of untrue information disseminated on WhatsApp depositors (recipients), pension Fund compensates 150 000 tenge in connection with inflation in the past month. Since the cases of repeated such mailings have become more frequent, the fund again warns all depositors (recipients) not to trust information from unofficial sources, and also recalls that the law provides for liability for sending knowingly false information.

We inform you that Kazakhstan has a unique model of the state guarantee of the safety of pension savings. In accordance with article 5 Of the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «on pension provision in the Republic of Kazakhstan», the state guarantees to recipients the safety of mandatory pension contributions (OPV) and mandatory professional pension contributions (OPV) to the UAPF in the amount of actually contributed amounts, taking into account the level of inflation at the time of receipt of the right to pension payments.

The payment of the difference (state guarantee) is a one-time payment from the state budget. The right to payment under the guarantee of the state depositors receive at retirement age. In addition, disabled persons of groups I and II have this right, if the disability is established indefinitely, persons who have left for permanent residence outside Kazakhstan, foreigners and stateless persons who have transferred OPV, OPV, heirs in the event of the death of a person entitled to payment under the guarantee of the state.

The amount of compensation is calculated individually. When a person retires, the profitability of his / her individual pension account is calculated in relation to the level of inflation for the entire period of stay in the funded pension system. If the yield of pension savings of the depositor during his / her stay in the system is below the level of inflation, the state shall compensate this difference. This suggests that the savings of depositors are reliably protected regardless of how events develop in the financial markets and the situation with investment income. However, if the amount of pension savings generated by mandatory contributions and accrued investment income is greater than or equal to the amount of contributions made, taking into account the level of inflation, the difference is not paid.

In October of this year, a composite service for filing a single application for the appointment of retirement benefits was introduced.Now, according to the principle of «one window» to persons who have reached retirement age, for the purpose of pension payments by age and the state basic pension payment, as well as to receive pension payments through mandatory types of pension contributions (OPV, OPV) from the UAPF, it is necessary to apply with a single application and a package of documents only to the public service Center (PSC) of The state Corporation «Government for citizens».

On the basis of this application, the recipient will be provided with a proactive service (by default) for the payment of the state guarantee (the difference between the amount of actually paid mandatory pension contributions, mandatory professional pension contributions, taking into account the level of inflation and the amount of pension savings). For each recipient, according to a specially developed method, a payment will be made, and the person will receive a payment to his / her bank account, if it is really put to him / her.

The fund warns all depositors and recipients of the need to be critical of all kinds of messages distributed in social networks, and to trust only verified information from official sources.

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