Life in the hostel: how capital's students live in the new dormitories

A new type of dormitories for college students appeared in Astana. To know how young people live in the hostel read the photo report of the correspondent of the official website of Astana akimat.

As part of the implementation of 5 social initiatives of the Head of state hostel «al-Kuat» became a participant in the implementation of the direction «improving the availability and quality of higher education and improving living conditions of students». 400 students of four Metropolitan colleges have already settled here. According to the residents, it is convenient and comfortable. In each room live for 3-4 people, there is free Internet, a dining room, where students majoring in «cook» can hone their skills and prepare delicious meals on their own.

«Living in a hostel is better and more interesting. Now in each room the students have their own shower, living here is significantly different from the usual hostel, where only one shower per floor. We are very glad that we were given such a hostel with comfortable conditions. Each room has its own locker, we can rearrange the beds as it is convenient for us»,- shares her impressions 2nd year student of the college of public catering and service Zhanna Bayakhmetova.

Accommodation in the hostel costs 27 thousand tenge per month. Of these, 22 thousand are paid from the local budget, 5 thousand tenge - by the students. The building is five minutes from the College of catering and service. The hostels are inhabited by College students, in which there is no hostel. There are teachers from every College here. The similarity with the hostel is that students should come in the evening no later than 22: 00.

«Children study in two shifts, the educational Department of colleges is fully engaged with them, headed by the Deputy for educational work”, - said the Director of the College of catering and service Zaure Klyshpaeva

Getting to the students, immediately immersed in a fun and creative atmosphere of a beautiful time. On the second floor and is a vibrant and turbulent life. Children organize their clubs, arrange flash mobs and various holidays. There are also very interesting clubs organized by the students themselves. One of them – a circle game on the dombra-organized by a student of the 2nd year.

 «I was engaged in dombra since the childhood and participated in competitions. My family is international, step-father on a nationality the Kazakh. He instilled a love for playing this musical instrument. Eventually, I bought my lute. And then my mother once said that you do not just sit at home and play. She enrolled me in a music school, which I graduated with honors and now teach playing the dombra to other students of our College. I take part in various concerts and festivals. All my free time I play dombra, it relaxes me and gives inspiration. The circle gives self – development to everyone who masters this musical instrument»,- said the 2nd year student of the College of public catering and service Mikhail Abuov.

There is also a circle of cutting and sewing «Syrgalym», where future tailors and seamstresses create very beautiful dolls made with their own hands. It is worth noting that the same exciting thing students can do in the College.

«During the check-in we have already made 6-7 dolls. We use different materials: fabrics, hair, decorative items. Each doll has its own name, purpose. And we treat everyone with awe. Creating a doll, we come up with the design in the process, which makes the work more interesting, and the result meets our expectations», – said the 2nd year student of the College of catering and service Anastasia Mukanova.

Meanwhile, life in the College is in full swing and the children are preparing for their holiday – the day of students, which will be held on November 14 and 15. Text: Kateryna Tyshchenko Photo: Ildar Mannapov

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