More than 850 families receive targeted social assistance in Astana

According to the official website of capital akimat, to receive such assistance, it is necessary to apply to the employment center of Astana.

As explained in the Department of employment and social protection of the capital, targeted social assistance provides unconditional and conditional cash assistance.

"Unconditional cash assistance is provided to families with no able-bodied members (e.g. families of disabled persons or elderly pensioners) or to families whose able-bodied members, for objective reasons, cannot participate in employment promotion measures (e.g. single mother with preschool children). For such families, participation in employment measures is not required to receive benefits. A conditional cash assistance is provided to families with at least one able – bodied member, subject to the conclusion of a social contract and the mandatory participation of all able-bodied family members in measures to promote employment", - the Ministry said.

According to the Department, as of November 1, more than 11 thousand Astana residents were given advice on the appointment of TSA.

"Since the beginning of the year, more than 11 thousand people have been consulted on the appointment of the new TSA format. Assigned to ASP 854 families in these 4240. The recipients of the TSA are given a certificate confirming the status of a low-income family. A prerequisite for the appointment of TSA is the participation of all able-bodied family members in measures to promote employment and the conclusion of a social contract. By signing a social contract, the parties undertake mutual obligations: social services take measures to promote employment and pay benefits, and able – bodied family members – faithfully participate in measures to promote employment", - noted in the office of employment and social protection.  

Also in Department emphasized that at calculation of the total income of a family as a part of a family all family members living together, leading General economy and registered in a residence within one settlement are considered. The composition of the family applying for TSA is taken into account at the time of application. When calculating the total income of the family, all types of income received in the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad for the settlement period (for the quarter preceding the month of application for TSA) are taken into account.

"The amount of targeted social assistance per person (family) is calculated as the difference between the average per capita income and the established poverty line per family member. The single criterion for the provision of TSA is the presence of a monthly average per capita income below 50% of the subsistence minimum (16,497 tenge – the poverty line for the III quarter of this year)", - the report said. 

Since January 1, 2018, the country has been providing targeted social assistance in a new format. It has been introduced to replace three social payments in force until 31 December 2017: special state benefits for large families with 4 or more minor children, paid from the national budget regardless of income, state child benefits up to 18 years for low-income families, provided from the local budget, taking into account family income, targeted social assistance provided to low-income households from the local budget.




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