Clear course for the study of the origins of our national history

According to the official website of capital akimat, head of the city headquarters of the Republican youth movement "Air Zholy" Assembly of people of Kazakhstan Natalya Chargeur commented on program article of President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev " Seven faces of the great steppe".

On the eve of 2019, declared the year of youth by the President, the article of the Head of state "Seven faces of the great steppe" is a clear course for us, young people, to study the origins of our national history and culture.

Youth movement "Air Zholy" created on 15 March this year at the initiative of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan, predetermining the output of the article of the President and within the framework of an ambitious program, "Rouhani zhangyru", shows its activity, participating in the implementation of public policies aimed at revival, preservation of national culture, language and traditions.

In the framework of the historical-ecological project of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan " Sacred heritage of the country of the great steppe", - the young people of Astana visited the significant places that connect us with the cultural and spiritual heritage of ancestors. We visited the land of Akmola region and visited the burial places of the greatest people known to every citizen of Kazakhstan. This is akin and composer Birzhan Sal, whose works constitute the Golden fund of classical folk music. We visited Bulandyn district, where another great representative of the Kazakh people – Baluan Sholak, a famous wrestler, found peace, but he is known not only for his physical strength. He was a talented akin and composer, a defender of the poor and needy. And, as the President noted in his article, these "great names of the great steppe" have long been common and have forever occupied a place among the outstanding personalities of our common history.

Another large – scale project of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan, in which Astana youth takes an active part, is "Kazaktanu". It is aimed at popularization of culture, language, history, ethics, peculiarities of life of the Kazakh people. Thus, at the last summer youth camp of the APK in Almaty region representatives of different ethnic groups got acquainted with the traditions of the Kazakh people. Girls learned the technology of cooking of Kurt, starting from the right of the leaven of the milk before formation of a perfectly smooth balls. Young men learned all the basics of installation of traditional dwelling of nomadic Kazakhs-yurts, rules of raising Shanyrak and covering with felt. The project "Kazaktanu" gives us, young people, the opportunity to plunge into the wealth of Kazakh culture, history and traditions, to understand the centuries – old philosophy of the nomadic people-the philosophy of "circle without sharp corners", repeating the structure of the Yurt. The article of the President "Seven faces of the great steppe" makes it clear that the secret of unity and harmony of the people of Kazakhstan lies in these subtleties.

In his article, the head of state on the basis of specific historical facts clearly shows a sense of national pride for their ancestors. And, remembering the famous saying of Mikhail Lomonosov: "People who do not know their past, have no future", - I want to say that we – the youth of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan – following the example of our president seek to know the history of our people, to preserve and bring it to every young man of our country.



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