Medicaid priority. One day in the life of a doctor of the emergency room

Doctors of the city children's hospital № 2 take 400 to 600 patients a day. Their age varies, as well as the severity of health. They are approached for medical care by children under 18 years of age.

Bring children with high body temperature, various injuries, abdominal pain and other parts of the body. When we brought a child with a foreign object in the nose. ENT doctor in a matter of seconds, drew a bead. A little later brought the girl with an eye injury. Then came a boy with a broken finger, and in a few minutes – the girl with the injured tailbone... And so on until late at night.

 But as admitted by the doctors, a major influx of patients is from 20:00 until morning. It is during this period that all chronic diseases are aggravated, parents return from work and find health problems in their child.

To avoid hype helps the presence in the hospital Department of emergency room with emergency surgery and trauma center around the clock. In the emergency room with emergency surgery are surgeon, ENT, ophthalmologist, pediatrician, dentist. In the trauma center – maxillofacial surgeon, neurosurgeon, traumatologist.

 The emergency room operates on the basis of a medical triage sorting system. The essence of it is that a specially trained nurse at the entrance divides patients according to the priority of complaints and severity of the condition into three groups and assigns them cards of red, yellow and green color.

"Red means that the patient is in critical condition and requires immediate medical examination and urgent medical care. Yellow color is assigned to stable patients. Their doctor examines them for 15 minutes. Green color is assigned to patients in non-emergency cases. The doctor examines them within 30 minutes", – says the doctor-the traumatologist, orthopedist Olzhas first change.

Out of the total number of patients admitted to the hospital, only 5-10% of children are placed.

 "We try to explain to both parents and the child how and what diagnostic and therapeutic manipulations will be carried out. This calms the parents, relieves tension", - the doctor says. If necessary, children are sent for additional examination. But there is no need to go far: here in the reception room x-ray room, ultrasound diagnostics room, Express laboratory function round the clock.

Patients with serious cases, usually those who got into an accident, fell from a height. All of them are on the "red" line immediately in the intensive care unit. Here a group of doctors-resuscitator, surgeon, traumatologist, maxillofacial surgeon objectively assess severe patients and, if necessary, conduct resuscitation. All the necessary equipment and preparations are available.

This year's know – how is the implementation of the PAK system, that is, all images, including x-rays, ultrasound, MRI and CT data, are not printed as before on film, are not transferred to a floppy disk, and are sent directly via the Internet to the doctor. All data are entered by the complex medical information system in the electronic health card of the patient.

"There are many advantages of this system. First, efficiency. Time in the waiting room is crucial. Here, in a short time, the doctor must decide on the health of the patient, not to mention the emergency situations that require urgent surgical intervention. Second-the data is not lost anywhere and is always available for study by the doctor. And then, taking into account the fact that all tests, pictures, treatment algorithm are stored in electronic format in the patient's health passport, in the future, after discharge, the doctor at the place of residence can effectively monitor the course of treatment of the patient and build a scheme of his rehabilitation", - concluded Olzhas Baynazarov.


Text: Aigerim Askarova


Photo: Ildar Mannapov

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