What types of assistance are provided to persons with special needs

Since the beginning of the year about 15 thousand persons with disabilities are provided with rehabilitation services, the official website of the mayor's office of the capital.

The rehabilitation services include prosthetic and orthopedic care, provision of tiflo and sign language, mandatory hygiene products, wheelchairs, sanatorium treatment, services of an individual assistant and a sign language specialist, transportation by the Invataxi service, the Department of employment and social protection reported.

So, according to Department transportation service "Invataxi" use 2145 people, including 868 children.

"Currently they carry out work on carriage of disabled persons and 22 vehicles of "Invataxi". Of these, 5 units - for wheelchair users. The transportation service is provided by "Confederation of disabled persons", and "Meyirim" carries children with disabilities (school № 65). For the provision of this service, 10 units of machines are provided. 7 units carry out transportation of blind people with disabilities (NGO "Kazakh society of the blind"), " the report said.

As noted in the Department of employment and social protection, persons with special needs also use the services of free travel on urban passenger transport routes, dental prosthetics, as well as they are paid compensation for the purchase of solid fuel.

"The services of free dental prosthetics covered 215 people. 77 persons were provided with compensation for the purchase of solid fuel in the amount of 8 MCI (19 240 tenge). Social assistance to the day of disabled persons in the amount of 2.5 MCI (6013 tenge) was provided to 20 738 persons", the message reads.

To date, a system of state stationary and non-stationary social service institutions providing special social services both in a hospital and in a semi-hospital has been established in the capital.

"In particular, it is a socio – domestic, socio-psychological, socio-labour, socio-medical, socio-cultural, socio-pedagogical, socio-legal, socio-economic services. Opened four centers of social service of the akimat of Astana city: "Sharapat", "Nurly Zhurek", "Kamkor", Center for social services.

Special social services are provided to more than 4 thousand people, including 386 people by the non-governmental sector, " the Department reported.

According to the Department of employment and social protection, active employment measures to date covered 677 persons with disabilities.

"52 people were sent to short-term training in the specialties" master hairdresser"", electrician"", tailor"", plumber"", administrator"", confectioner"", controller-cashier"", Baker". A total of 625 people are employed. Of these, 345 people are provided with permanent work, 247 people are sent to public works, 19 people are employed in social jobs, 14 graduates are trained in youth practice", the report said.

We will add, according to the centralized database of persons with disabilities, to date, capital has 24 148 persons with disabilities. 4644 of them are children.

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