How to protect yourself in the ice, said the chief freelance traumatologist of Astana

If you follow simple and proven safety measures, you can avoid injuries in the ice can be. How to reduce the risk of injury? This was told to the correspondent of the official website of the mayor's office of the capital by the chief freelance traumatologist of Astana office of healthcare, head of the traumatic point of the city hospital № 1 Alexey Solod.

"The most common injuries of the ankle and wrist joints occur during the ice. The first is connected with the foot, the second – with the fall on the bent or bent brush. What you should not do when injured is to pull the arm, leg or other injured body part. You can cause irreparable harm to health: cause a fracture displacement, damage to blood vessels or aggravate an existing fracture", - says Alexey Solod.

But first aid to the victim is necessary. There are a number of specific techniques. For example, to fasten a cardboard or wooden tire to immobilize the limb. The ankle joint can be fixed with a cardboard splint, but do not crush the injury. If the patient has a spinal injury, in any case it can not be raised, transferred without an ambulance. Call a taxi in this case is not necessary, as the sitting position can increase the injury. This should be done on a special portable stretcher. With craniocerebral injuries and internal injuries, it is forbidden to anesthetize, because it prevents to establish the diagnosis and the level of the consequences of injuries. Try to disturb the patient as little as possible, and most importantly – with all kinds of injuries always call an ambulance. Do not deliver by yourself.

"Let's say, very often patients with a spinal fracture are taken to traumatology, which delays the process of diagnosis. Thus, you will be responsible for his life. After all, not every hospital is equipped with the necessary equipment and apparatus to determine the degree of damage. There is a principle of "Golden hour". The faster you will provide assistance within an hour, the higher the chances to help a person", - continued Solod.

In a state of shock, a person may not immediately understand whether he has received serious damage or not. Therefore, first of all it is necessary to apply a cold to the injured place and as soon as possible to go to the emergency room. This way you can avoid complications. Children under 18 years are accepted in the city hospital № 2, adults – in the railway hospital, city hospital № 1 and research Institute of traumatology and orthopedics.

The doctor gave recommendations on how to avoid injuries in ice.

"It is necessary to wear non-slip shoes, the sole should not be smooth. Try to avoid icy areas. If you still need to be on the street in the ice, it is necessary in the Shoe shop to glue on the sole of the anti-slip stickers. Also suggest to attach to the shoes with a special fastening – cats. There's no other way to escape the ice. And when crossing the road it is necessary to observe the rules of the road. Most of the injuries are due to crossing the streets. Therefore, count the time of crossing the street so that you have time to slowly cross the road", - Alexey Solod summed up.

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