Healing motherly love

Zhanara Bigeldinova became a foster mom in a difficult period: one-year-old son has epilepsy. Despite this, she adopted a four-month-old girl, also suffering from a whole bunch of diseases. After a while both children recovered, and at the son epilepsy attacks stopped. "This is a reward from the Supreme", - says the mother, who is raising eleven children.

Eight children Zhanara Baizhuldinova-foster.

Today she works as a private practicing lawyer, willingly shares her experience with other parents, helps them, providing legal support.

She adopted her first adopted daughter Darius when her own son Daniel fell ill.

"When Daniel was a year old, he had a serious illness: symptoms of epilepsy. Usually, when the family falls ill child, adults wonder why this happened to our family? I also looked for the answer to this question. I haven't found it. My eldest daughter supported me. Daniel was weak and painful. Then we decided to take her sister from the orphanage", - says Zhanar.

The baby was only four months. Later, Daria found a variety of diseases.

"The baby had heart problems, and she had a weak immune system. I took care of her, treated her for a long time. After some time, I was surprised to find that my son stopped seizures of epilepsy. The doctors confirmed to us that Daniel is healthy. Then I realized that God rewarded me for helping a sick child. Six months later my DariusH also started to go better", - says Zhanar.

Kids grew up and always played together. Noticing this, the eldest daughter Aruzhan asked her mother to take the family another girl of the same age. So in their cozy house there was Tatiana. The girls started going to the cinema, swimming pool, tennis together, riding bicycles together.

After some time, the family Bigeldinova added another six children. Zhanar became a mother of two Svetlana, Maryam, Michael, Zahar and Adeline.

"The most important thing for me is that they always know that we are together. Household responsibilities are shared among all family members. It is possible to teach to work, to care, only living in a friendly family", - she says.

Difficulties in raising children happen in any family in which teenagers grow up. It was not easy and large mother, when I had to deal with their bad habits. One of the daughters did a lot of lying, began to steal things. After trying all the methods, the woman decided to find her biological mother.

"For some reason I decided that I need to find my mother. Thought it would help. I wanted to see how she'd behave. It really helped. Nature girl has changed for the better. After all, my mother was in the past, and to restore the past is the most important thing for a child", - Zhanara says.

In 2017, our heroine married Zhanibek Kabanov, with whom she once studied at the University. Now, together with her husband Zhanara enjoys the success of their children and together overcomes difficulties in their education.

In addition, Zhanara conducts trainings, legal and psychological consultations on the adoption of children In the club of adoptive parents, which she opened in 2012.

"I started advising people who wanted to become parents of foster children. I had a growing desire to help people. The base of my clients, whom I helped, grew, and now it includes hundreds of families", - she said.

The mother of many children believes that special training of adoptive parents in the process of guardianship is extremely necessary. If it is correct to hold it, you will have no problems and returns the kids to the children's home.

"Parents who want to take the child, I warn that not everything is just in adoption. We must be prepared for the difficulties. The main thing is that foster parents listened to their heart and did not go on emotions. Before you take a child from the orphanage, be sure to read the literature about guardianship, talk to foster parents who have experience in this. Understand the reasons why you want to become a foster parent. Then move on", - says Zhanara Baizhuldinova.


Text: Nazir Makhanova

 Photos were taken from personal pages Zhanar Bigeldinova social network Facebook

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