Bracelets for emergency medical care presented in the capital

According to the official website of capital akimat, doctors will instantly receive information about the patient, and his family will receive a message about the alarming situation through the QR-code .

The pilot project was launched at three clinics in the city: No. 4, 9 and 10. Participants of the pilot project-210 dispensary patients with diabetes, hypertension, chronic heart failure, that is, people with high risk of loss of consciousness.

As told the head of the city Department of public health Kamalian Nadyrov, health bracelets is provided with a QR-code. After reading the code, emergency doctors will receive all the necessary information about the patient. This is vital if the patient is unconscious.

"Every year, according to statistics, about 500 patients come to our reception rooms unconscious. At this point, doctors should learn as much as possible about the patient: what he was sick, what his allergic reactions, indications, contraindications. All this information is necessary in order to make the right decision and save lives as soon as possible. To date, the collection of this information takes several hours or even a few days. There are cases when the patient comes to the intensive care unit, and we do not know either his family or loved ones, who to call", - K. Nadyrov explained.

The project is based on international experience: similar bracelets are used in a number of countries. System developers-Kazakhstan IT-company Abi.kz

"Each bracelet owner has a" personal account " where he can edit his photo and phone numbers of authorized persons. The person became ill, the ambulance team arrived, scanned the code-and immediately this notification comes to relatives and friends, whom he indicated in his personal account. You can specify up to five or six numbers. In the future, there will be geolocation, relatives and friends will know exactly where the incident occurred",- the representative of the IT company added Abi.kz Artem Ignatovich.

Impressions about the bracelet said one of the participants of the project – patient 9th clinic Sholpan Eliseeva.

"My blood pressure is rising, in 2012 I suffered a hypertensive crisis. Now I've been given a bracelet – and you know it's comfortable! I even take a shower in it. Here is all my data, what I'm allergic to, what medications I take, contacts of my relatives. For interest, we scanned the code ourselves, and after 6 minutes my son called me, and within 15 minutes – brother. I explained that we were conducting an experiment!"– says sh. Eliseeva.

For the pilot project, the developers provided a batch of bracelets for free. The project is planned to be fully implemented until March 2019. After assessing its success and effectiveness, the public health Department will look for a supplier, as there are several companies in the market that are ready to provide this kind of bracelet.

In the future, it is planned that health bracelets will be free for patients with diseases that carry the risk of loss of consciousness.

As head of the city Department of public health Kamalian Nadyrov, in Astana today 120 thousand dispensary patients, of whom about 60 thousand - with diabetes, hypertension, chronic heart failure.

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