Warm house

Children's home family type are preparing for a winter fairy tale. The boys cut out decorations for jewelry, sewing for the girls toys to the fair. Read about the atmosphere of creativity and festive magic reigning here in the material of correspondents of the official website of the capital akimat.

A year ago, the orphanage began the process of transformation into a child support Center, where the directions of prevention of orphanhood, placement in the family, education and care of children are actively developing. There are 6 cottages on the territory of the orphanage, where 79 children live. Here are created conditions as close as possible to the family type of device.


As a rule, up to 15 people live in one family. After all, the closer the company, the more guys learn friendship, kindness and other important qualities.

For pupils all conditions for development are created: sewing and joiner's shops, hockey and football fields, library, office of robotics, home Economics circle.


 The new library amazes with its diversity-8 thousand books! You can read in a cozy soft area, or take a book with you.

With pupils go to hockey matches, to the movies, and for girls here opened a beauty salon where they can learn to dress up, do manicure, hairstyles. After completing the course, students receive certificates, which will be able to get a job in the capital's beauty salons.

Seamstresses study at once on the professional equipment, participate in festivals and fairs with the works.

Now make Christmas trees, gnomes, costumes for performances, various phone cases.

"I like to make toys, crafts from different materials. In December, we have a fair, where we can please people with beautiful things. I also love to make crafts from beads, recently wove bracelet. I also like to go to dances, tennis, volleyball and other clubs", - Anya says.

Great importance is attached not only to the education of children, but also additional education.

Courses of Kazakh, English, mental arithmetic, drawing circles, vocal, music are open for pupils.

Circles help not only to organize free time, but also to reveal creative talents of children.

On the floor above there are no less interesting rooms. Robotics room, beauty salon, chess room.

Then we with the photojournalist looked into a joiner's workshop.

The Studio is equipped with a variety of tools: for pottery, cutting wood, cutting, there is a modern equipment for laser drawing and cutting.

"Potters work in our workshop. Together with the guys we make pots and houses. Now here in tandem with the circle of robotics on a special machine we make decorations for the New year", - said the teacher of additional education Vasily Semenov.

The positive dynamics of adoption of children does not slow down. As for the process itself, it was simplified.

"The main rule is a family for a child, not a child for a family. This is said by the leaders of the Association of adoptive parents. In such cases, families are always going well. The process of adopting a child can take up to one month. It is important to note that we pay great attention to the prevention of orphanhood, the preservation of children in the blood family within the family support service under the leadership of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Carolina Mahat", – said the Deputy Director for the educational part of the city orphanage of Astana Bibigul Takisova.

Often, the adoption receives the love and care of more than one child. As a Prime example – little Masha and her 4 brothers. Family are not separated. If the guardians want to give love to all the children, then only then all the children will go to a new home.

Management with great attention and monitors the fate of graduates. Specifically for this programme", Tandau" Madina Jeenbaeva. Every child is dear to them in a special way. Both pupils and graduates are trained and prepared to enter the best universities and help with employment. Work actively and help children find their way and make friends mentoring program and Fund " Gift "with the project"Mentoring".

"Up to 29 years, the orphanage monitors the fate of the child, maintains warm ties. We help with studying in colleges and universities, we go to meetings. In response, they share with us their achievements in work and personal joys. Taking care of the children, we hope that every child living with us will find a loving family and loved ones", - summed Up.


Text: Ekaterina Tyschenko

Photo: Bekzat Gali

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