Saving homeless animals in Astana

According to the official website of capital akimat, most often domestic dogs and cats left homeless after the demolition of cottages and dilapidated housing.

About the situation with stray animals in Astana, the correspondent of the site was told by Deputy Director of MSE on PVC "Astana vetservis" Medet Kylyshbai.

"The root of the problem of stray dogs is irresponsible attitude of the owners", - Medet Kylyshbayev says. - Another factor, against which there are many homeless animals-is the demolition of suburban areas, emergency and dilapidated housing. Moving to a new apartment, a person does not take a dog, just "releases" it – and it adds to the population of stray animals in the city."

The exact number of stray animals in the city is unknown. Since the beginning of the year employees of "Astana vetservice" caught 4 801 dogs and 729 cats in the city. An average of 20-25 animals are caught daily.

"There are two categories of stray dogs: former domestic – and second-generation stray dogs who were born on the street and do not know what human care is. They're driven by instinct. Stray dogs find a safe, remote place from people, breed, form flocks. The habitat of flocks in a radius of three kilometers outside of this area dogs are not out. They have their own food supply, there are places where they hide. They come out only at night or early in the morning, contact with people is minimal", - the representative of Astana vetservice says.

Stray dogs, as a rule, are afraid of people and do not attack "just like that". And yet the number of victims of bites is growing. Dogs have a strong sense of their territory, and when a person approaches its border, trying to bark to scare and drive someone else. And in response to aggression or fright can bite.

Most stray animals are in the private sector. A serious problem is not only abandoned animals, but also those that the owners let go running unattended.

For example, in the area of Saryarka the most problematic areas – residential areas "Koktal-1" and "Koktal-2", Agrotown, Herzen street, Dulatov street, Moskovskaya street to the intersection with the Avenue of the Republic. In the area of Baikonur – sawmill, cast Iron. In Almaty area – South-East, Kuigenzhar, Michurino, International, Industrial, Rail.

The representative of the city veterinary service emphasizes that the problem of stray animals is not solved by catching, a whole range of measures is needed.

"We can't catch all the stray animals, come to their complete absence. This is physically impossible, and the experience of foreign countries speaks about it. Today "Astana vetservice" only controls the number of stray animals, localizes the centers of their distribution. We catch animals, bring them to isolation, sterilize them, chip them. If there is an opportunity – we attach. If not, we send them to private shelters. If shelters refuse to take-then we resort to the euthanization of the animal", - he explains.

According to the rules adopted last year, caught animals are kept in isolation for 60 days (before it was three days). During this time they are trying to find a home.

"We are working with volunteers: a private foundation "NOSA", volunteer movement "Stopitnow". Volunteers take pictures of animals, spread information about them in social networks. We also have our own website, there are pages in Facebook, Instagram, on all popular sites. We place there any information that may be useful, including photos of caught dogs", - explains the representative of"Astana vetservice".

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