Relay of good: how citizens help each other in the cold

According to the official website of capital akimat, in the thirty-degree cold Astana residents are warmed by good deeds.

Last winter in Astana was remembered not only by extreme cold, but also by a powerful campaign of mutual assistance. Get used to good things fast: a new burst frosts, and that's to be less cold and more fun to spend the winter, Astana residents are starting to help each other: drivers for free ride with strangers, entrepreneurs are allowed to bask in their own institutions and share tea-coffee making facilities, volunteers rescue animals and birds.

In a popular group in the social network Facebook "Astana, I want to praise/complain" Astana resident Nurbek Yessetov told the story about the meeting with the "unusual policeman" named Aidos.

"This morning's frost caught my car by surprise. Gearbox did not switch into high gear and did not respond to a reverse gear. Deciding to drive to warm the car Park, and there to warm the car with your Blinker on, I went to Republic and went around to the bridge on Kabanbai Batyr. And then I found that the tire of the front wheel "moved" from the disk! While I was solving the scale of the problem and ways to eliminate it, a patrol car stopped behind me", - the user writes.

Further, to the surprise of the narrator, instead of " ask for documents and carry out their standard procedures, the police without further questions asked the Jack, he took off the wheel, and took him to the nearest tire! Then again, he also tightened all the screws on the wheel! Wishing a happy journey, he went on to serve."

"Break patterns"", - unusual police", joked my colleagues later, but I'm sure that among the ordinary police many good, responsive guys who valiantly serve and are ready to help, " concludes the author.

Meanwhile, the youth resource center "Astana zhastary" announced the beginning of the campaign "give warmth to your neighbor": "employees and volunteers of the youth center will travel along the densely populated route of the city in order to distribute free hot tea for people in crowded places", - the resource center reports.

According to RSE "Kazhydromet", on December 26 and 27, 2018, the air temperature will fall below minus 30 degrees, which creates the risk of frostbite, this was the reason for the action.

While people help each other, activists of nature protection movements urge not to forget about animals and birds.

Kazakhstan biodiversity conservation Association (ACBK) from December 1 to March 15 conducts the campaign "Grain heat" and encourages everyone to take part in winter feeding of birds, tinkering feeders, time to fill them with food, as well as subscribe to the group "Grain heat" in Facebook and Vkontakte and share their experience in social networks.

Earlier, the official website of Astana akimat reported on the project "Do good" at the school-Lyceum № 79: primary school students with the help of parents make birdhouses, bird feeders and houses for cats. Text: Vlada Guk

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