In which the houses will replace the elevators have become known

According to the official website of capital akimat, in 2019 the planned overhaul of ten multi-storey residential buildings and the replacement of 20 lift equipments.

Currently, 4 910 elevators work in multi-storey residential buildings (MZHD) of the city.

"Part of the elevators installed in the" old " city, works for more than 25 years, which exceeds the permissible service life. According to" Rules of ensuring industrial safety at operation of load-lifting mechanisms " it is not allowed to use the Elevator at which the term of operation established by manufacturer expired. Many houses built in the 1990s have elevators of Samarkand Elevator-building plant. This enterprise ceased to exist in 1993. Accordingly not produced spare parts for lifting equipment", – said the head of the Department of housing and utilities modernization LLP "Orken Kala" Bulat Tugelbaev.

In order to ensure the safe operation of elevators in the current year, 146,595 million tenge was allocated for 12 Elevator equipment in MZHD by maslikhat of Astana in November. The installation of Elevator equipment conducted at the following address: Seifullin street, 35, Mustafina str., 15/2, Petrova str., 26/1, Tashenov str. 7/1, Kazhimukan munaitpasov str., 20, St. Barayev, 10.

"At the moment contractors LLP "Actualities NA" and LLP "Importlib KZ" installation of Elevator equipment, all facilities are complete. Elevators meet modern safety standards, as they have additional options. The upgraded cabin, LCD, voice alert, wireless dispatching, enhanced braking system", - said B. Tugelbaev.

On return of means "the Orc Kala" in the framework of the "Program of regional development until 2020" this year, replaced 5 lift equipments in MOR at Bogenbai Batyr Avenue, 28, St. Petrova, 20, St. Valencia-Spain, 6, work is underway on the replacement of 3 lifts at tenement houses in Dzhangildin str, 3.

At the request of the Governor's office of Saryarka district to LLP "Orken Kala" at the moment we are supplying nine of Elevator equipments for installation in MOR at: Aspara St., 2B and cubrina street, 20/1. The deadline for delivery of objects-January-February 2019.

In 2019, it is planned to overhaul ten multi-storey residential buildings and replace 20 Elevator equipment.


At the moment, lists of MOR are being compiled for inclusion in the regional development Program for 2019. Include your home in the list of housing in need of major repairs, replacement of the roof, utilities, facade, Elevator equipment, initiative groups of apartment owners and service organizations may contact the city Department of urban environment quality control or directly to the specialized authorized organization LLP "Orken Kala".


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