Boy stayed at the bus stop in the cold: the results of the official investigation of "Astana LRT"

According to the official website of capital akimat, company "Astana LRT" completed the official investigation of the incident with the boy who stayed at the bus stop on a frosty day.

As a result of the proceedings, the mother of a small passenger has no claims to Astana LRT LLP, as a sign of which the participants of the events took a joint friendly photo.

The Department of transport control "Astana LRT" reported the completion of the official investigation of the incident with the boy, who could not leave on the bus number 102, as he had insufficient funds on the transport card.

Recall, on December 25, Astana resident Aisha Mukasheva published a post-appeal to "Astana LRT" in a popular Facebook group that her 10-year-old son was dropped off the bus in the cold. The post caused a public outcry.

On the same day, "Astana LRT" commented that drivers of car parks in October were instructed not to drop off children in the cold season. However, the day to launch an internal investigation failed, as in the post-treatment were given false data.

The post described the actions of the conductor, but during the investigation it turned out that the conductor was not on the bus. The child sat down at the stop "Kindergarten" Karlygash "and got off at the stop" Financial center", then entered the warm stopping pavilion and called his mother.

I just had to find the bus on time. Aisha Mukasheva indicated the period from 12: 40 to 13: 17. Tracks of the routes passing through this stop were constructed. It turned out that in the specified time interval there were three Express trains. All three buses were withdrawn the video from all available in the cabin of the cameras. In addition, a meeting of mother and child with drivers was organized. On video from these buses of the child it didn't appear. The boy didn't identify any driver.

Watching movies with warm stop the bus, from which came a baby.

The driver of the bus was called to the DTC, where he explained that there was no conflict between him and the child. In the end, the author of the post was convinced that her son was not allowed a rude attitude.

Employees of "Astana LRT" explained that before the onset of winter, the fleet was instructed to drop the kids off.

It was also determined that the funds from the child's transport card were written off correctly. On account of his card at the time of the incident was 40 tenge, which is not enough to pay for travel in the Express route.

As a result of the investigation, Aisha Mukasheva has no claims to the driver and "Astana LRT", and also offered to make a joint photo with the driver and told about the proceedings on the video.

According to "Astana LRT" cases of upsetting children do not have a systemic character even in the warm time of the year. Despite this, in all fleets will be held additional instruction about not to drop off children in the cold season. At the same time, drivers and consultants can record the data of the child's transport card and send it to the fleet management.


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