Capital Day: modernization of Nur-Sultan education system

July 6 is the birthday of the capital of Kazakhstan. In anticipation of the holiday, the editorial office of the city akimat official website prepared a series of stories about changes in various areas over the years. According to the capital education department, the number of public schools and teachers have increased five times, and the number of winners of international academic Olympiads and competitions for scientific projects has increased 28 times!
Since 1991, the number of children in preschool organizations has increased by more than 50 thousands. The number of public kindergartens has grown from 13 to 90.
"For the first time, the number of private kindergartens exceeds the number of public ones. Thus, there are 90 public and 237 private pre-schools in the capital city," the Department of Education noted.
The Balapan programme providing preschool education and training for children has been successfully implemented since 2010. In 2016, it was integrated into the target indicator of the State programme for the development of education and science for 2016-2019.
The number of children from 3 to 6 years of age enrolled in preschool education and training has also risen.
Thus, in 2012 it was 61.9 %, in 2013 - 63 %, in 2014 - 63.1 %, in 2015 - 64.5 %, in 2016 - 70.6 %, in 2017 - 78 %, in 2018 - 90 %, in 2019 - 98.4 %.
"In order to ensure transparency in the distribution of preschool slots, the services are provided electronically through the portal. Since the launch of the system in 2017, over 80 thousand directions have been issued through the system," explained the Department.
Compared to 1991, the number of schoolchildren has increased by 126 thousand; the number of public schools has grown from 17 to 88.
This academic year, 117 educational institutions provide educational activities. The student population is 182 thousand children. No schools are in emergency condition.
During these years, the number of winners of international academic Olympiads and competitions of research projects in Nur-Sultan has increased from 15 to 420 students.
"The capital's Olympic team has been winning the 1st team place and the title of "Best Olympic Team" in the national Olympics and scientific project competition for 13 consecutive years," the Department said. Officially, there are 8 thousand children with special educational needs in the city. 80% of them study and receive guaranteed assistance; there are two special boarding schools, five psychological and medical aid offices, six psychilogical and pedagogical correction offices, two rehabilitation centers and two special kindergartens.
The network of branches of supplementary education organizations has been expanded in order to provide additional education to children. Thus, seven community centres were opened at schools and orphanages, reaching over six thousand children. In addition, 136 branches of supplementary education organizations have been established on school premises.
In the last 20 years, the number of teachers in the capital city has increased fivefold (3,500 in 1998) and totals 17,000 persons. As part of the Comprehensive Plan, about 50 public schools (including 10 schools in the existing sites) are to be built over a 5-year period. In two shifts, this will create about 120 thousand places. Private investors have also been attracted to the schools' construction.

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