Progress in delayed construction in Nur-Sultan

This year, almost 8,000 housing equity holders will be able to move into their apartments, the city hall reports via its official site. 

Before this morning’s business hours, Altay Kulginov visited the construction site of Baspana Koktal Residential Complex that was found delayed five years ago, where the number of holders is over 500.

“The previous developer was not acting in good faith as they had built additional levels in violation of regulations. For instance, they built nine levels where a five-level house was planned or 12 levels instead of nine. All of those premises were sold to the housing equity holders,” the mayor of Nur-Sultan wrote on his Instagram account.

According to the effective construction standards, elevators must be in any building taller than six levels. In this regard, disassembly works are in progress for further elevators installation and fire escape staircases are being installed.

“The majority of grave problems faced last year have been resolved. We are accomplishing the construction of residential complexes supported by Yelorda Construction Company under Nurly Zher programme. This year we will commission 20 apartment blocks, which means almost 8,000 holders may move in,” Kulginov noted.

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