Household and construction waste management solutions in Nur-Sultan

The capital has taken several measures jointly with the Ministry of Ecology to prevent environmental degradation and growth of unauthorized garbage dumps in the city. Akim Altay Kulginov informed his Instagram followers about that, the official website of the mayor's office reports.

"Up to one thousand tons of garbage and waste are taken to the waste processing complex daily. They are subject to several stages: sorting, processing and disposal. Head of State emphasises the need to solve environmental issues via ensuring the legal framework and favorable investment conditions for the implementation of the Waste to Eenergy technology. A number of actions have been taken together with the Ministry of Ecology to prevent environmental degradation and growth in the number of unauthorized dumps.

First. We are retrofitting the waste processing plant. This will almost double the capacity of the enterprise – from 250 thousand tons per year to over 450 thousand tons per year. We will transition from manual to semi-automatic waste sorting.

Second. The landfill consists of two cells, and the first one is almost full. In cooperation with the relevant authorities, we will carry out reclamation of the landfill cell.

Third. Last year, we launched construction of a storage and processing site for construction waste with further reclamation of the Severnaya Gryada quarry. This will significantly improve  environmental, sanitary and epidemiological conditions.

A crushing complex is to be installed at the site to process construction waste including bricks, asphalt, concrete waste, etc. That will ensure further reuse of a part of the raw materials and simplify the process of waste disposal. In addition, it will be possible to process 50% of construction waste into crushed stone, 10-15% - into rebar, and so on.

Fourth. We continue promoting separate collection of solid household waste. Special containers were installed in the city for that purpose. The level of MSW processing has reached 75%, while recovery of secondary raw materials is now at 17%. These indicators must be consistently improved. More than 530 special containers have been installed in the city to collect mercury-containing lamps. To date, over 500 thousand pieces have been collected and disposed.

Since the pandemic, special containers have been installed in crowded areas to dispose of medical items, masks, gloves, etc.

Fifth. Work is underway to eliminate unauthorized landfills. Almost 300 dumps have been eliminated since early 2020. An task force conducts inspections and monitoring of construction sites, and checks on removal of construction waste to the ecolandfill. For instance, 37 businesses have been held liable in administrative proceedings since October 15, including 15 construction companies, with penalties up to 900 million tenge.

Sixth. It is very important to foster a culture of separate garbage collection and sanitary compliance in the community. We conduct subbotniks (voluntary community cleanup saturdays) and tree planting events regularly. All public schools conduct Eco Hours and arrange study visits to waste processing plants. We enjoy valuable support in this work from  volunteers and concerned citizens, " Altay Kulginov wrote.


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