How to replace an old or unreliable elevator?

According to the official website of capital akimat , 45 elevators in the capital's high-rise buildings are currently being replaced. Now here are some problems with elevators in lots of city high-rise buildings. Some units came are equipped with substandard equipment. Administration takes all measures in order to resolve this issue. At the last meeting with the developers, the akim of Astana instructed to check all elevator organizations. In case of non-compliance, they will be suspended. Also, akimat has prepared amendments to the law, which imply tougher responsibility and requirements for elevator companies.

At the same time, in order to solve this problem quickly and effectively, the state proposes a set of measures. For example, you can use the "regional development program until 2020". Residents, who are wishing to replace the old or unreliable lift with a modern and safe, can use a loan from the state. Modernization of elevators is carried out only by the decision of the general meeting of owners of premises of a house. After a positive decision, the protocol and the necessary documents are submitted to the Department of control and quality of the urban environment of Astana akimat. Based on the submitted documents the technical inspection of the Elevator equipment with issue of appropriate acts, economic examination is carried out. Owners of apartments independently approve the estimate documentation, choose the contractor, the brand of the elevator, and participate in acceptance of the performed works. On average, if you take a loan from the state for 15 years, there are about 2-3 thousand tenge from the apartment.

"This amount does not change in the direction of increase during all 15 years. That is, the amount concluded in the contract is constant and does not depend on economic processes", – explain the specialists of LLP "Orken Kala".

Currently signed contracts for the replacement of elevators in a residential building at str. Petrov, 20. The design of replacement of 29 Elevator equipment in 12 apartment buildings, including the district of Samal (dzhangildina str., 3, Petrova str., 26/1) is under way. Also replaced 3 of the Elevator at Valencia-Spain, 6, in the LCD "Candle" at the Bogenbay Ave., 28. There residents used the loan from the state.

"We need to organize an initiative group so that it works day and night, because the people are very passive. It seems that everyone is outraged in the chat, everyone writes, gives some recommendations, but they do not act. Therefore, we ourselves organized an initiative group, began to actively walk, collect signatures on apartments. The problem was still that in our house there are a lot of lodgers. We found phone numbers of owners, called. The work was very active, so that we were included in the program", – said the representative of the initiative group of residents Svetlana Lee.

In the framework of the "program of regional development until 2020" in 2011 at the moment in residential homes in the city of Astana replaced and commissioned 165 of elevator equipments.

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