99.8% of capital’s residents have access to centralized water supply

Today 99.8% of the population of the capital have access to centralized water supply, including 94.5% – with the degree of improvement of "water in the house", 5.3% – use drinking water through water dispensers.

In order to improve the quality of water supply services to the population and reduce losses of the water enterprise, a program to reduce and eliminate water columns was approved.

By 2020, it is planned to connect 110 of 210 currently operating water columns to the centralized water supply.

The length of water supply networks – 1266 km, Sewerage network is 735 km and the average degree of wear of water supply networks – 44%, drainage – 40%.

This year, 10 projects are planned to be implemented in Astana, which will allow to reconstruct 48.1 km of networks in the city, as well as to build 10 km of networks.

Within the framework of the Concept of development of the outskirts of the city akimat, the work on construction of roads and engineering networks in 20 residential areas of the city of Astana, which covers 232,38 km of roads, 522 km of engineering networks.

From 2011 to the present day 125.8 km of roads and 295.7 km of utilities have been built.

Completed the work on developed projects in residential areas "Kuygenzhar", "Catahoula", "Suburban", "Kazgorodok", "Karaotkel", "Zarechnyy" and "Industrial".

In 2018 it is planned construction and reconstruction of 8 streets running 3.2 km in residential areas "Koktal-2", "Komsomolskaya", in the Southeast, in illinka, etc. Work in this direction will continue in accordance within the “5-year comprehensive plan for compact construction of Astana city until 2022” with the provision of engineering and transport infrastructure.

The total capacity of existing sewage treatment plants for wastewater treatment is 254 thousand cubic meters per day. This capacity is not enough in peak periods, as well as in the future development of the city.

To address this issue, the mayor's office of the city together with the Asian development Bank plans to build KOS-2 through the mechanism of public-private partnership.

The term of completion of the concept is June this year.

Also, in cooperation with ADB, within the framework of the approved technical assistance, work is being carried out on the development of the project "Master plan for integrated water resources management in Astana".

The project envisages the implementation of complex of measures on regulation and use of surface and groundwater (flood, drainage, stormwater, groundwater, wastewater) on water objects and hydrotechnical constructions of the Esil, Akbulak, Sarybulak, lake maybalyk, Large and Small Taldykol, Astana reservoir of a Counterregulator, the channel "Nura – Ishim".

The deadline for completion of the master plan is April 2019.

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