Summer camps: where to spend holidays for schoolchildren

According to the official website of the akimat with reference to the department of education, summer holidays will be organized for 133 719 students of 1-10 classes in the capital.

School camps will operate at 77 schools from 4 to 29 June, covering more than 34,437 students in grades 1-4 for 2 shifts. The main task of school camps is the development of creative potential of children of primary school age, protection and strengthening of health, formation of skills of a healthy lifestyle, and also reduction of time of stay of the child without supervision from adults.

School sports and playgrounds "Didarly zhaz"

Teams of 5, 6, 7 classes of secondary schools of the city take part in competitions in mobile games "Didarly zhaz". Competition for mobile games "Didarly zhaz" held in 2 stages: I – school-based, II – group.

School sports and military platforms, "Aibyndy mausym".

This is a project for the organization of free rest and employment of students in grades 8-10. For the implementation of this project, the basic schools, where the program of military-Patriotic orientation (military field camps, games, excursions, visits to museums, Hiking, etc.) will be implemented, have been identified.

From May 28 to July 6, the palace of schoolchildren named after  Utemisov M. organizes the project "Summer school of creativity".

The cost is 20 000 tenge per shift (10 days). The purpose of the" Summer school " of creativity will be the creation of favorable conditions for organized recreation, health improvement of children and the implementation of their creative, cognitive and intellectual abilities, initiatives and interests. The implementation of this goal is facilitated by the activities of various studios and training academies, the content of which determines the theme of a particular shift.

From May 28 to July 6 will be organized "Summer Academy guests" at the palace of schoolchildren "Balaliktin boitumary".

The cost is 20 000 tenge per shift (10 days). The program of the stay includes: food, training in swimming elements, ice skating, linguistics lessons, training in the initial game of chess, training in the skills of working on the exhibits of the interactive Park, ART lessons, theater Studio, etc.

Sports camp "Arman"

During the summer period, 5 shifts will be organized (covering 250 children in each shift, for the entire period of 1,250 children) from 11 June to 16 August. The cost of the tour this year amounted to 42 000 tenge.

Here you can relax for free orphans, children from low-income families, as well as from other socially vulnerable segments of the population. I season – from 11 to 21 June:

II the season from 25 June to 5 July:

III season – from 9 to 19 July:

IV season – from July 23 to August 2:

V season from 6 to 16 August:

Pupils of the orphanage-90 orphans and children left without parental care, provided with rest and employment in the recreation area "Borovichok", located in Akmola region.

Camp "Batyr" is located in the Yereymentau district of Akmola region, near the village of Balykty. For three seasons – from July 2 to August 8, 360 children from low-income families with deviant behavior, children from orphanages will be organized free of charge (120 children per shift). The camp provides tourist and local lore and excursion, sports and recreational activities, environmental and ecological work, recreation and entertainment for children.

Also at schools will be various types of activities such as crews on gardening and repair crews on improvement of territories of schools, intellectual, creative and language circles, departures on the Republican and international subject Olympic games, creative competitions and sports competitions.

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