Only those, who never stop, can reach the target

"To find the right way and walk on it, no matter what" – with this motto lives a brave, intelligent and beautiful hero of our photo report – Asemgul Abdrakhmanova, who since childhood is confined to a wheelchair.

Despite her illness, she lives a full life - studying, working and realizing dreams. Correspondents of official website of Astana akimat made a photo report about disabled people with and unlimited goals. 29-year-old Asemgul was born with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. However, it never frightened her because, according to her, there are many obstacles through which it is necessary to pass.

"I always try to live a busy life, to take from it maximum,"- she says. Behind fragile Asemgul two diplomas. She is a professional social worker and lawyer. Our heroine began her career in 2012 in the public Association of disabled people Center "Independent life "DOS". "It was here that I was able to fulfill my plan: we implemented a project aimed at helping young wheelchair users. We wanted to make the lives of people with disabilities more independent. Many of them want to go out, communicate, study, work, but do not have this opportunity for the simple reason that they can not go down or up. And in order to solve this space-environment barrier, my author's project was implemented, which was supported by the Fund of the first President," – says the girl. "Having won the first place and received 1 million tenge, the idea was implemented. University students (doctors, psychologists) were taught how to treat people with disabilities. One of the goals of life has been achieved, – says Asemgul. "That's when I realized that the impossible is possible." In 2014, the girl decides to change her job: she gets a job in an advertising agency and works at home.

"It is very difficult for me to work at home, because I am very active and it was very difficult for me to sit in four walls," - said she.

Despite the discomfort, Asemgul worked at home for four years. And only recently decided to act on and appealed to the employment Center for help.

Here she was offered a consultant position, to which she agreed. Today Asemgul is happy because she lives a normal life and works like everyone else. "My schedule, as elsewhere, begins with 8:30 and ends at 18:00. Here I communicate with people, feel warm. For 29 years I have fully adapted to everything. I am also independent in everyday life. Fortunately, the workplace is close to home, I leave the house an hour earlier to catch. As long as summer allows, I am accompanied by my personal assistant,” - she says. 

Asemgul lives with his mother and grandmother. Evenings walking with friends and family. The girl has big plans. She dreams of opening an inclusive beauty salon for people with disabilities. "People don't know what inclusion is. It is the inclusion of people in society. This salon will serve all residents of the city, but there will be created conditions for the disabled to minimize the discomfort that they experience,"- she explains. Today, only employment center in the capital employs seven people with disabilities. In total, the center has employed 17 disabled people since the beginning of the year.

Text by Madina Nurbekova

Photo by Adilkhan Ilyasov

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