Creating a barrier-free environment: the capital discussed the availability of facilities for special groups of the population

The open meeting was held with the participation of the first Deputy Chairman of the party «Nur Otan» Maulen Ashimbayev and akim of Astana, Chairman of the city branch of the party Asset Issekeshev, the official website of the capital akimat.

According to M. Ashimbayev, the attitude of the state to people with disabilities determines the degree of its civilization, so the issues of accessibility of infrastructure facilities for citizens with disabilities should be addressed as a priority.

«The country cannot be considered developed today if normal conditions for people with disabilities, their treatment, adaptation to society, their education and employment are not created. This is not about charity, but about protecting and ensuring the legal rights of people with disabilities as full members of society. In creating a barrier-free environment for persons with disabilities, the main city of the country should become an example, a model and a model for other settlements of our country. We all should strive for this», - said M. Ashimbayev.

More than 23 thousand people with special needs are registered in the capital. Work on the creation of a barrier-free environment for persons with disabilities is carried out on an ongoing basis. According to asset Issekeshev, as part of the execution of the instructions of the Head of state, some work was carried out on the certification of all objects of education, culture, sports, health, as well as commercial and other premises for accessibility for people with disabilities.

«From 2012-2016, 400 objects were certified, in 2017 – 705. The results from 1106 certify facilities to date, adapted 72%. These are health care facilities-35, sports-12, culture-15, education-71, small and medium-sized businesses-388. The remaining 164 sites are working to provide access for people with limited mobility. 639 objects were included in the Interactive map of availability», - the mayor informed.

According to him, only last year the akimat installed 200 ramps to the sidewalks, almost 100 square meters of tactile plates for visually impaired people, mounted 1606 devices with a sound signal, equipped with 300 boards for calling a pedestrian with a tactile vibration signal.

In the city, passenger transport operators have 1158 units of rolling stock. Of these, 742 buses are equipped with folding devices (ladder) for the convenience of boarding and disembarking passengers with disabilities (wheelchair users). 145 Metropolitan entrepreneurs, including the owners of the network of pharmacies «Hippocrates», holding «Tsesna», a network of canteens «Taikazan», agreed to adapt their facilities.

It is worth noting that state support is carried out taking into account the interests of not only citizens with special needs, but also their families.

«In the center of social adaptation «Nurly Zhurek» there are day departments for adults and children with special needs. Thus, their relatives have the opportunity to work and do their own business. Special medical conditions have been created at the Sharapat social service Centre for the category of singles, the elderly and persons with disabilities. There is a day Department, including medical care, swimming pool, massage, leisure activities», - A. Issekeshev said.

These and other activities in the field of inclusion are combined in the comprehensive program «Astana – the city of strong people» implemented by Astana city branch of «Nur Otan» party. This project aims to create barrier free environment for disabled citizens and the provision of conditions of their activity, equal with the other categories of the population.

The system of inclusive education is also being improved. To date, there are two special boarding school. 12 kindergartens provides remedial and specialized groups. The project «inclusive education in a college environment» has been successfully implemented.

«Now a concept is being developed that will cover all levels of education, including sports clubs, clubs for creative development, etc. At the same time, there are problems and unresolved issues. In this regard, we count on the support of the public, non – governmental organizations, people with special needs», - the mayor said.

Also during the meeting proposals from representatives of public associations of disabled people were heard.

The Executive Director of the «Kazakhstan Confederation of disabled people» Madina Ibragimova said that it is necessary to improve the availability of social infrastructure for persons with disabilities.

In particular, the woman proposed to establish a system of public control over the implementation of regulatory requirements in terms of ensuring the availability of facilities at the stage of their construction, reconstruction and overhaul, to organize the availability of transport infrastructure, to introduce a system of training of specialists in the field of ensuring a barrier-free environment.

In turn, the Executive Director of the public Association of invalids «the Center «Independent life «DOS» Karlygash Danabekova invited for sports and cultural activities for people with disabilities.

«Our disabled people have been engaged in sports ballroom dancing for many years. Within the framework of the project» Astana is a strong city in the spirit of people», the first city Spartakiad, the Republican conference for parents of children with special needs, children's inclusive sports festival»world of equal opportunities» were held. These events caused a great resonance in the society. In this regard, Aset orentayevich, we ask you to support that these activities were carried out annually», – said A. Turabekova.

She also proposed to build sports grounds for the disabled and to organize inclusive education not only in schools and colleges, but also in higher educational institutions of the city.

Summing up, Asset Issekeshev noted several issues on which active work is currently underway.

In particular, the mayor told about the sports complex, oriented only for people with disabilities.

«Only people with disabilities will be involved in sports in the sports complex, they are equipped with halls, bathrooms, power supplies and so on. We panic as much as possible to cover all those who want to go in for sports, « A. Issekeshev said.

He also spoke about the new parks and squares that are planned to be built this and next year. To ensure efficient and quality work, a decision was made about the strengthening of the centre of urban studies.

The mayor informed about his decision to include people with disabilities in the city planning Council.

«The city Council will include representatives of NGOs - people with disabilities who will actively participate in the implementation of all projects», - A. Issekeshev explained.

Also, «Astana General plan» and transport companies will involve advisers from among people with disabilities on a regular basis.

 The city akimat plans to continue to assist in the employment of persons with special needs for permanent jobs, to strive to maximize the creation of a «barrier is free environment» for people with disabilities, as well as to help in the development of inclusive education.

«Now, given the huge interest in sports events, we pay special attention to the development of sports for people with special needs. First, in August, we are adopting a special programme, under which everyone interested in sports will be covered as much as possible at the expense of the city budget on the basis of several sports complexes and the Paralympic centre, which accommodates 4,000 people. Secondly, it was decided to prepare recommendations to the Ministry of education on the training of teachers and special instructors. Thirdly, a new urban approach is being introduced. Now, when designing parks, squares, pedestrian crossings, the city Council will include people with disabilities», - A. Issekeshev explained.

«Already now, taking into account the suggestions and wishes of the citizens, we decided to build parks instead of demolished dilapidated houses in Saryarka district. Within the program «Astana is a city of strong people», implemented with the support of «Nur Otan» party, we take into account all the proposals to improve the comfortable conditions of the city», - the mayor said.

Summing up the meeting, A. Issekeshev stressed that the mayor's office of the city plans to continue to assist in the employment of persons with special needs for permanent jobs, to strive to maximize the creation of a barrier-free environment for people with disabilities, as well as to help in the development of inclusive education.

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