In honor of the 20th anniversary, Astana will host an open triathlon tournament

On July 28, at 8 am, Astana will host an open city triathlon tournament, as the official website of the capital akimat with reference to the Department of culture and sports.

Participants of the competition will have to overcome three distances-swimming, cycling and running. Having your own bike and helmet is mandatory.

Issuance of start packages will take place from 6: 30 to 7: 30.

The closure of the transit zone will take place at 7: 45.

Start at 8:00 am.

The location of the starting town and transit zones is the territory of the Triathlon park.

 Location of the cycling stage: 20 km, according to the map.

Location of the running stage: 5 km, triathlon Park.

Maps of all stages of the competition and the rules of the competition will be posted on the website of the organizers www.madeniet-sport-astana.kz, elordasport.kz, triathlonastana.kz

The triathlon starts in the direction of the Ishim river in the territory of Astana triathlon-Park, the total length of the trail is 750 meters (1 lap).

The 20-kilometer race will begin in the triathlon Park with a trip through the Park «Astana Music Hall» to the side along the B. momishuly street, further away from understudy on a strip of oncoming traffic B. momishuly street; turn back, not reaching the intersection of B. Momyshuly street; at the intersection of B. Momyshuly and equipment; follow equipment Congress street Shalkyma, on the street Shalkyma, before reaching a traffic light near shop «Dream», turning back to the street of Charles de Gaulle; building of Charles de Gaulle the Parking of the restaurant «the Roof»; the passage through the territory of Astana triathlon Park. The route of the race participants will pass through the territory of «Astana Triathlon Park» (2 laps 5 km).

Anyone over the age of 18 can take part in the triathlon. All participants must complete the registration procedure on the website of the capital triathlon Federation by the link http://triathlonastana.kz

The amount of the entry fee is 5 000 tenge.

Attention! Participants without a Bicycle helmet are not allowed!

You need to have an identity document with you. It is worth noting that a medical center will be installed on the site and each participant will have to get access to the competition from the doctors working on the site.

Participants admitted to the competition will be divided into five age categories – 18 – 29 years (male, female); 30 – 39 years (male, female); 40 – 49 years (male, female); 50 – 59 years (male, female); 60 years and older.

Total limit: 2 hours from the start.

Limit of participants: up to 300 people.

The winners in each of them will be determined by the shortest time to overcome the distance – the timing will be determined individually with the help of special equipment. At the end of the competition, the winners will be awarded valuable prizes. The winners of each age category are awarded with certificates and valuable prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. All athletes will be awarded medals for their participation.

Any use of materials is only permitted with an active hyperlink to the official website of the city of Nur-Sultan http://astana.gov.kz

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