Life hack: where in Astana you can go in for sports without a subscription

To lead a healthy lifestyle is a trend of modern society. However, to maintain your body in good shape-the pleasure is not cheap. Natural products, vitamins, sports equipment and gym membership are a costly group of expenses, and on a monthly basis. The official website of the mayor's office of the capital will tell where in the city there are free trainings, besides with instructors, and how you can save on a subscription to the gym.

Free sports activities for everyone are organized by the Department of culture and sports and are held in the capital for the third year in a row. In free training, you can try anything you want to determine your preferences. Form in a bag, and-forward!


Who likes to run in the morning, he does wisely. However, evening running is also good for health. Running develops willpower, strengthens health, builds character, helps to get in shape. Every year there are more and more runners in the capital. The city akimat took measures: the parks were equipped with special tracks with rubber coating.

Currently, certified instructors conduct free group running classes in Astana.

Where: the Capital Park and Triathlon Park 3 times a week-on Monday, Wednesday and Friday – from 19:30 to 20:30 certified instructors conduct classes in group running.

There are also Sunday classes, which are held both in the morning and in the evening – from 10 to 12 hours, as well as from 17:00 to 19:00.


Classes for those who want to pump endurance, strength and speed, challenge yourself and prove what you can do.

Crossfit is included in the program of Sunday training in the Capital's Park and takes place in the morning from 10 to 12 hours. In the parks Student and Zheruyik also from 10 to 12 hours on Sundays, everyone can attend classes on crossfit.


Wushu is a unique martial art that helps a person to comprehend the philosophy of martial arts deeper, acquire self-defense skills, strengthen his body and health, purify consciousness and develop internal energy.

Free Wushu can be practiced on Sunday morning in the Capital's Park.


Ju-jitsu technique is based on the maximum use of movements and efforts of the enemy, as well as on the use of special «cunning» techniques, such as the impact on pain points, special distracting movements, leaving the line of attack, etc.

The traditions of JIU-jitsu are preserved to this day. In many countries of the world there are unions, federations, associations, training centers and clubs that cultivate and develop this kind of martial art in its various styles.

In Astana, free training in JIU-jitsu takes place on Sunday morning in the Capital's Park from 10: 00 to 12:00, in the Park Zheruyik – 19:00 to 20: 00.


Yoga is a practical philosophy that presupposes the unity of body and spirit that originates in ancient Indian traditions. Today yoga has gained great popularity. It can be practiced by children and the elderly.

Those wishing to get acquainted with the technique of yoga can also be on Sunday morning in the parks of the Capital, Student and Zheruyik.


The benefits of playing chess are enormous. During the game there is a simultaneous work of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, in the harmonious development of which is the main benefit of chess.

In the parks of the Capital, Student and Zheruyik from morning to Sunday, everyone can play Board games-chess and checkers.


Cycling - according to the specification is considered to be a fully aerobic exercise, strengthening the heart and lungs, leg muscles. That, however, does not contribute to the development of the muscles of the body and shoulder girdle. In this exercise Cycling is similar to speed skating or downhill skiing, as in the same way strengthens the muscles of the legs.

This year, conditions have been created for Cycling enthusiasts. In honor of the anniversary of the capital introduced 56 km of cycle paths.

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