Open day on the set of children in sports schools will be held on August 18

On Saturday, August 18, from 10:00 to 17:00 in the sports complex «Barys» (9 Munaytpasova street, near the sport complex «Kazakhstan») will be held an open day, where everyone will be able to get information on the set of children in sports schools of Astana. The event is held on the eve of the sports Day, which is celebrated in Kazakhstan on the third Sunday of August.

Astana office of culture and sports invites all residents of the capital to visit the open day and learn in detail about the conditions of admission, the list of necessary documents and requirements for admission to sports schools in Astana. 

A detailed list of children's sports and youth schools of Astana akimat and sports is attached. 

Admission of children to the state sports sections in the schools of the Olympic reserve of the capital is conducted annually in August-September. Currently, there are 12 institutions in Astana for young residents of the capital, which educate athletes in more than 60 sports, as well as 17 sports for children with disabilities. Education in these schools is free.



Children's sports and youth schools of Astana akimat


Name of organization



KSU «SDYUSSHOR №1» of Astana akimat

artistic gymnastics, gymnastics, sports acrobatics and trampoline gymnastics, sports dances


KSU «sports school №2» of the akimat of Astana city

Cross-country skiing, speed skating, figure skating, short-track, orienteering


KSU «SDYUSSHOR №3» of the akimat of Astana city

Boxing, women's Boxing, freestyle wrestling, women's wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling, kickboxing


KSU «SDYUSSHOR №4» of the akimat of Astana city

swimming, rowing, kayaking and Canoeing, diving


KSU «SDYUSSHOR №5» of the akimat of Astana city

basketball, volleyball, handball, Rugby


KSU «SDYUSSHOR №6» of the akimat of Astana city

Cycling (track, road, bike, BMX)


KSU «SDYUSSHOR №7» of the akimat of Astana city

judo, Taekwondo, karate-do, Sambo, JIU-jitsu, Kazakh kuresi, belbeu kuresi, muaytai, Kyokushinkai, shinkiokushinkai


KSU «SDYUSSHOR №8» of the akimat of Astana city

soccer, women's soccer


KSU «DYUSSH №9» of the akimat of Astana city

archery, bullet shooting, table tennis, bench shooting, fencing, triathlon, modern pentathlon, athletics


KSU «SDYUSSH №10 in ice hockey», akimat of Astana city

ice hockey


«Daulet» sports Complex of Astana city akimat



GCE «Sports club «Zhiger» of the akimat of Astana city

Professional kinds:

arm wrestling, asyk ATU, brkt, unarmed combat, Taekwondo, powerlifting, climbing, Curling, bodybuilding, sports tourism, climbing, weight lifting, Kyokushinkai-Kan karate, weightlifting,

Invalid kinds:

wheelchair dancing, volleyball sitting, Greco-Roman wrestling, wrestling, checkers, chess, athletics, swimming, powerlifting, togyzkumalak, table tennis, football, asyk ATU, Taekwondo, judo. golbal, bocce


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