Over 5 Years Approximately 16 Thousand People Have Been Provided with Jobs Through the Employment Center

Столичному центру занятости в этом году исполняется пять лет. Центр содействует в трудоустройстве безработным жителям Астаны. Так, с момента основания благодаря центру на работу устроены около 16 тысяч человек.

The capital’s Employment Center will celebrate its fifth anniversary this year. The center provides assistance in employment to unemployed residents of Astana. Thus, approximately 16 thousand people have been provided with employment through the center since the foundation.

In addition, the center has provided assistance in employment to about 35 thousand residents of the capital. Due to the development of infrastructure and housing and utilities services of the city, the center provides jobs to Astana residents.

Thus, jobs were created for capital repair and current maintenance of educational, sports and cultural, recreational and medical facilities, as well as construction and repair of the city roads. Due to the projects, more than 1 200 new jobs have been created.

The center also assigns residents to free training, professional training and retraining courses with payment of bursaries. Over five years of the center’s existence, more than 9.5 thousand people have been able to take courses, more than 1 600 people have been assigned to social jobs, and more than 3 700 people have been forwarded to youth practical training. More than 10 thousand people have been involved in public works.

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