There is going an actively work to solve the problems of shared construction projects In Astana

According to official website of capital akimat, in Astana akimat told about the preliminary results of the implementation of work on solving the problems of shared construction projects of the housing construction Program «Nurly Zher».

Akimat of the capital solves the issues of financing and construction of problem objects of shared construction through the program «Nurly Zher». As a result of the work done, unscrupulous founders of construction enterprises were brought to responsibility in accordance with the law, and construction objects were transferred to the authorized organization of LLP «Elorda Kurylys company».

 At the moment, 36 objects take part in the program» Nurly Zher». At the same time, 27 residential complexes are in operation.

So, construction was resumed on four problem objects - «Shygys» residential group 3A, «Shygys» residential group 3B, «Zhagalau-3» block a-Zh, «Zhagalau 4», polygon 4. For the objects «Zhagalau 4» polygon 3, «Shygys» 5 group 1 authorized organization LLP «Elorda Kurylys company» is the process of assessing the economic efficiency of the projects.

At the same time, on July 12 this year «Elorda Kurylys companiyasy» LLP together with housing cooperative of «Baspana Koktal» and «Mirny Dom» signed a Memorandum on a number of activities for the conclusion of a contract on joint activities for the completion of construction. Completed drafting of agreements on joint activities with representatives of HBC company «ABC housing» - LCD «Garant» and «Zheti Zhol».

On August 31, General meetings will be held on this occasion. With regard to the residential complex «Turan-Syganak», «comfort Territory-1», «Arystan», «Zhagalau-4» polygon 3 and other objects of the company «ABC housing» – «Komsomol», «Aisanam De Lux», «Comfort Success», «Garden Quarters» the authorized organization is working to assist in the preparation of documents for the contract. In parallel, 11 HBC independently conduct work on the preparation of documents of problem objects «zere-1», «zere-2», «Capital-2», «main-3», «Baspana Koktal», «peace House», «Future Home Astana», «Zhastar-4», «Courchevel», «Arabi-2», «Korgalzhinsky quarter». Housing cooperatives of problem objects of the residential complex «Altyn Bulak», «Munar-2», «akerke-2» on the basis of the recommendations of the MVK are working to determine the amount of land needed to complete the construction.

Note that in the beginning of August as a result of explanatory works about the activities of the program «Nurly jer» and the order of completion of problematic objects, the representatives of the HBC LCD «Granite 2» and «Hazret» Astana adopted a decision on participation in the housing programme. In addition, representatives of the authorized organization together with the Commission members on a regular basis held meetings on the problem facilities, participates in the meetings of housing co-operatives. On a weekly basis, ongoing monitoring of the work carried out on the construction sites of the facilities is carried out within the framework of the implemented agreements on joint activities.

Recall that in 2017 Asset Issekeshev took the initiative to make additions to the program of housing construction «Nurly Zher» in order to resolve the situation with the objects of shared construction of the capital.

 In connection with this decision of the Head of state, additions were made to the housing construction program on the procedure for completing the construction of problematic shared-equity construction projects on the principle of repayment. Thus, the authorized organization of «Elorda Kurylys company» LLP was created under the akimat of Astana, the main function of which is to Finance the completion of problematic housing construction projects of the capital at the expense of credit funds, coordination and control over the construction progress. The Interdepartmental Commission of Astana akimat is engaged in the recommendation of problematic construction projects for the authorized organization. To participate in the program» Nurly Zher «it is necessary to conclude a contract on joint activities for the completion of construction with LLP «Elorda Kurylys company». To do this, HBC must provide design and estimate documentation, a positive conclusion of a comprehensive non-departmental examination and the results of a technical audit of the work performed to determine the price and technical parameters of the objects. Then, on the basis of supporting documents, as well as data on the availability of free space, the authorized organization determines the amount of funds necessary to complete the construction and the economic efficiency of the projects. In the presence of economic efficiency, a contract is signed, a tender for the completion of construction is announced. If the economic efficiency of facilities or additional sources of financing are not available, their completion at the expense of attracted credit funds is not allowed.

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