In accordance with the standard of public services provision based on the Order No. 332 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 10.04.2015, before moving to Astana citizens are not required to register departure from the place of residence. You should only have the original identity document, and a passport if available.

After moving to the capital, citizens have to follow the below procedure:

  • visit the territorial Public Services Center based on their domiciliary together with the landlord within ten calendar days upon arrival in Astana; both parties are required to bring an identity document (landlord and the person to be registered), original copies of the housing title documents.
  • in the PSC the landlord shall fill out an application for registration of the arrived citizen (no copies of documents are required)
  • it is required to pay the state fee in the amount of 10% of 1 MCI in the cashier’s office on behalf of the arrived citizen for KBK (Budget Classification Code) 108126
  • after that, one can proceed with the pass to the permanent residence registration desk and complete the registration, where the landlord and person to be registered are not required to be present.

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