“Psychoneurological Medical Social Institution for Children” Municipal State Institution of the Mayor’s Office of Astana

There are 120 disabled children aged 3 to 18 under the full state support in the institution, as well as 90 children in the day care unit. The children are divided into following groups based on the development levels: motor rehabilitation, social adaptation, social and domestic orientation and social and labor training. There are 16 groups in the inpatient unit and 9 groups in the day care unit. Regular capacity of groups and distribution of children by groups corresponds to the requirements of the standard. Intervention and development activities are carried out based on individual programs for children development developed by the multidisciplinary team of experts of the institution.

There are 60 teachers and experts employed in the institution, including 9 of them with the highest category and 16 with the first category.


Social and MedicalServices

The organized health-saving environment provides a systematic approach to strengthen children’s health. The children are provided with a complex rehabilitative care in the institution, which includes medical treatment, psychological and pedagogical intervention, social adaptation. Due to the complex medical and pedagogical influence, as well as individually-differentiated approach to children with disabilities, the team achieves positive dynamics in their development and social adaptation.

Social and Living Services

All the conditions have been created for the organization of rehabilitation, medical and labor, educational activities of cultural and consumer services to ensure the development of children complying with the required hygiene standards and requirements:

I. bedrooms; activity rooms, furniture, equipment, soft inventory, balanced five-time meals, vehicles;

II. sensory room, specialized office of Montessori Environment; physiotherapy (physical therapy) room, offices of a speech therapist, psychologist, speech pathologist, social and domestic orientation room, lekotek, library, art therapy room, music room, sewing, carpentry shops, winter greenhouse, activity rooms, sports grounds, a gym.

Social and Psychological Services

Children in the institution are in gentle conditions not allowing any psychological trauma. Work carried out by the psychologist is aimed at correcting the psychological processes, overcoming and weakening abnormalities in behavior. Classes in the sensory room and Montessori Environment room help children to strengthen their self-confidence, give an opportunity to raise their self-esteem.

Social and Pedagogical Services

Studies and educational process are carried out based on the “Intervention and Educational Program for Children with Severe Mental Retardation” Almaty, 2004 and the Model of the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center. The teaching staff is free to choose diverse, comprehensive development and intervention programs.

Children also have an opportunity of learning under many progressive programs such as:

art-therapy, occupational therapy, agrotherapy, kinesitherapy, garden-therapy, aqua-therapy, visual art therapy, ergo-therapy

Social and Economic Services

Assistance in obtaining entitlement benefits for children with disabilities, allowances, improvement of living conditions, compensation and other payments are provided by the qualified economists of the institution.

Social and Legal Services

Legal advice in the field of special social services provision and on the issues related to the registration of various documents of legal significance are provided by the legal officer of the institution.

Social and Cultural Services

According to the plan of animation services, events, recreational activities are organized in the institutions. Various clubs, such as “Clay Plastic Works”, “Beading”, “Paper Art”, “Young Actor” and others have been organized for the creative development of children. Our children constantly participate and attend cultural events: theaters, exhibitions, parks, concerts, circus, cinema theaters.

Social and Labor Services

The institution is working on the formation of skills and abilities of children. Basic work skills, ability to work in teams, learning to see the result of their labor are gained by children in sewing, carpentry shops, winter greenhouses.

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“Psychoneurological Medical Social Institution” Municipal State Institution of the Mayor’s Office of Astana

“Psychoneurological Medical Social Institution” Municipal State Institution of the Mayor’s Office of Astana was established based on the Resolution No. 3-1-61pof the Mayor’s Office of Astana dated 02.02.2005; it is a non-profit organization with the status of the legal entity intended for round-the-clock permanent accommodation of persons above eighty who suffer from psychoneurological diseases and who need domestic and medical care.

The objective: creation of the most favorable conditions for the stay of the services recipients and their socialization in the society.

Main goals:

1) creation of most age-and-health-state-related favorable conditions for living that are close to home living conditions for the services recipients;

2) provision of special social services in the inpatient unit in accordance with the scope set out by the requirements of the current standard;

3) provision of special social services given the individual needs of the services recipients aimed at raising the level of their personal development, socialization and integration;

4) improvement of the quality and efficiency of the special social services provided;

5) protection against all the forms of discrimination, physical or mental violence, insult, abuse.


Social and Medical Services

Provision of social and medical services should ensure the timely and full assistance with regard to the nature of the disease, medical indicators, physical and mental condition of the services recipients. Currently, the medical center has several rooms functioning: office of a psychiatrist, senior medical nurse, dentist, therapist, gynecologist, ultrasound specialist, a clinical laboratory, treatment room, physiotherapy room, sterilization room, an X-ray room. Each office has been equipped with modern medical and diagnostic equipment that meet international standards.

Social and Living Services

In order to improve medical care services, the recipients are located based on the units and rooms taking into account the care regime, state of health, age and sex.

“The House of Youth”, where living conditions are as close as possible to home ones, was established for further socialization of the service recipient.

All the conditions providing accommodation and development of the services recipients according to the relevant hygiene standards and requirements were created for the arrangement of rehabilitation, medical and labor activities, cultural and domestic care:

I. - bedrooms;

- TV rooms;

- furniture, equipment, soft inventory;

- balanced 6-times meals a day;

- motor vehicles;

II. - sensory room;

- physiotherapy (physical therapy) room;

- office of a psychologist;

- library;

- sewing, carpenter’s shops;

- winter greenhouse;

- playground sports sites;

- a gym;

- greenhouses.

Social and Psychological Services

Currently, there are two psychologists with a higher education. The psychologists provide socio-psychological nursing, social and psychological assistance in adaptation to the surrounding people and staff of the institution, trainings and psychological games, color therapy, logotherapy, classes in the sensory room.

Social and Economic Services

Assistance in obtaining entitlement benefits for people with disabilities, allowances, improvement of living conditions, compensation and other payments are provided by the qualified economists of the institution.

Social and Legal Services

Social experts provide assistance such as preparation of documents of legal significance. As required, documents for hygiene products, prosthetic and orthopedic products and wheelchairs for disabled, provision of representative services in court to protect the rights and interests, legal advice on the issues of care, pensions and social benefits, etc.

Social and Cultural Services

Much attention is paid to leisure activities: cultural and sporting events. The services recipients are involved and attend cultural mass events: exhibitions, excursions, concerts, circus, competitions, fairs. Various clubs such as bead weaving, “Paper Art” classes, dance club, singing club have been organized for the creative development of the services recipients.

Social and Labor Services

All the services recipients, taking into account their age, diagnosis, psychological features, interests and preferences, are involved in labor activities: there are infield site, greenhouses, winter gardens, sewing and carpentry shops in the PMSI territory where they obtain labor skills, ability to work in teams, learn to see the result of their labor.


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