Special economic zones are established in order to accelerate the development of sectors of economy and regions, to attract investment and create highly productive and competitive industries, as well as modern technologies.

“Astana, The New City” Special Economic Zone was established in 2001. The main objectives of “Astana, The New City” SEZ have been defined as follows:

  • accelerated construction of the new administrative and business center of the capital;
  • opening of the new production facilities in the Industrial Park.

Solution of the set-out objectives is implemented based on:

  • attracting foreign investment;
  • dynamic economic development by attracting new technologies, advanced foreign experience, combined and integrated use of public, commercial and foreign assets;

Favorable investment climate was created to achieve the set-out objectives in the SEZ territory. The Investors Involvement and Investment Climate Improvement Council was established in Astana to improve the investment climate.

Main benefits of investors:

  • public support of direct investment in the construction of facilities and opening of new production facilities in the SEZ territory;
  • availability of tax and customs benefits;
  • possibility to introduce advanced technologies and use modern scientific and technological achievements in urban planning;
  • provision of land plots for construction of facilities on the equipped territories.

Currently, the SEZ area is 7 634.71 ha, which is almost 7 times more than the initial territory. In establishment, the SEZ area was 1 052 ha.

The SEZ territory consists of the new administrative and business center of the capital and the Industrial Parks Nos. 1 and 2.

Information on Obtaining a Land Plot in the Industrial Park of “Astana, The New City” SEZ

1) Compliance with the proposed priority activities of the project:

The project shall meet the following priority activities corresponding to the objectives of establishment of “Astana, The New City” Special Economic Zone Industrial Park:

1) manufacture of other non-metal mineral products;

2) manufacture of machinery and equipment;

3) manufacture of household electrical appliances;

4) manufacture of rubber and plastic products;

5) production of chemical products;

6) metallurgy industry;

7) manufacture of electrical equipment, including electric lighting equipment;

8) manufacture of glass components for lighting devices;

9) food production;

10) manufacture of pulp, cellulose, paper and cardboard;

11) manufacture of furniture;

12) manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers;

13) manufacture of railway locomotives and rolling stock;

14) manufacture of air and spacecrafts;

15) manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and chemicals;

16) manufacture of electronic components;

17) warehousing and additional transportation activities.

2) Submission of application addressed to the Mayor of Astana city on a land plot allocation:

In case of the project compliance with one of the above-mentioned priority activities, the applicant of the project is required to write a letter addressed to the Mayor of Astana on the land plot allocation in the SEZ territory indicating the area of the required plot and its target use.

3) After submission of the application addressed to the Mayor of Astana, it is required to submit the following documents to Astana Office for Investment and Development:

- legal entity state registration (re-registration) certificate;

- copy of identity document of the chief executive officer of the applicant;

- copy of the document with the identification number;

- copy of the charter of the legal entity;

- copy of the decision of the supreme body of the legal entity on the implementation of activities in the special economic zone;

- copy of the financial statement as for the last reporting date, signed by the CEO of the applicant or its acting deputy, as well as the chief accountant (accountant);

- feasibility study of the project that meets the requirements set out by the authorized body;

- statement of the servicing bank on the cash flow based on the bank accounts of the applicant (on the absence of card register) and credit statement from the credit bureau that contains full or partial information available in the credit history;

- information from the State Revenue Authority based on the place of registration about the debts related to taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget;

- documents confirming the applicant’s financial security.

The above-mentioned documents shall be submitted to the Legal Operation and Legal Regime Administration Department of Astana Office for Investment and Development.

4) Review of the project at the meeting of the Coordination Council for Selection of Investment Projects for “Astana, The New City ”Special Economic Zone:

After submission of the full set of documents, the project applicant is required to prepare presentation materials (power point format) and speak for 5 minutes. Based on the results of the meeting, the Coordination Council for Selection of Investment Projects for “Astana, The New City” Special Economic Zone, protocol decision is prepared in regard to the project implementation in the territory of the Industrial Park.

In case of favorable decision, a copy of the protocol shall be sent to “Astana Office of Architecture and Urban Planning” SI, “Astana Office of Land Relations” SI for the land plot registration.

Further, there is the procedure to enter the contract on the activities implementation as a member of “Astana, The New City” SEZ participant with “Astana Office for Investment and Development” SI.

Detailed information can be obtained by contacting “Astana Office for Investment and Development” SI at the following address: Astana, 13 Dostyk Street, Office 203. Tel.: 703-247, 703-248, 703-245.

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