Zhastar Saraiy

Cinema and concert hall with standard complex set of lighting and sound equipment (940 seats) for a single joint event holding

Unit of measurement per day

Quantity 1

Price, KZT per day 700 000

Cost, KZT 700 000

Gym for a single joint event holding (stands – 350 seats)

Unit of measurement per day

Quantity 1

Price, KZT per day 300 000

Cost, KZT 300 000

Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

Opera Hall:

- The hall has been designed with 1 302 seats:

·  the stalls – 317 seats

·  dress circle (side seats)- 392 seats

·  balcony (1circle) – 197 seats

·  balcony (2 circle)– 396 seats

·  8th-9throws VIP

 The Opera Hall has 20 dressing rooms located on 3 floors (dressing rooms are furnished with mirrors, toilets and shower rooms)

·  Dressing Room (No. 0) (1 mirror, 2 sofas)

·  Dressing Rooms (Nos. 1-6) 16 sq.m. each (2 mirrors, 1toilet/shower, 1 built-in closet, 1 sofa, 3 chairs)

·  Dressing Room  (No. 7) 16 sq. m. (2 mirrors, 1built-in closet, 2 sofas, 3 chairs)

·  VIP Dressing Room (No. 8) – 63 sq. m. (9 mirrors, 2 sofas, 9 chairs)

·  Dressing Room (No. 9) 15 sq. m. (1 toilet)

·  Dressing Room (No. 10) 15 sq.m. (3 mirrors, 1 toilet/shower, 3 built-in closets, 1 sofa, 3 chairs)

·  Dressing Room (No. 11) 15 sq.m. (1toilet/shower, 3 built-in closets, 1 sofa, 3 chairs)

·  Dressing Room (No. 12)14 sq.m. each (3 mirrors, 1toilet/shower, 1 built-in closet, 1 sofa, 3 chairs)

·  Grand Dressing Room (No. 14) – 110 sq.m. (29 mirrors, 4 toilets/showers, 17 built-in closets, 29 chairs)

·  GrandDressing Room (No. 15) – 45sq.m. (17 mirrors, 5 built-in closets, 17 chairs)

·  Dressing Room (No. 16) 20sq.m. (4 built-in closets, 1 sofa, 6 chairs)

·  Dressing Rooms (Nos. 17-18) 35sq.m. each (4 built-in closets, 14 chairs)

·  Dressing Room (No. 20) 15 sq.m. each (7 built-in closets, 14 chairs)

 The Opera Hall has a complex stage, parts of which are independent from each other: the main stage, 2 side stages and a back stage. Technical equipment of the stage allows solving the most original and complicated productions. The stage has 56 flying bars and other technical advantages.

Congress Hall

Halls of the Philharmonic Society

Total area is 6 697 m2, height of the building is 25m, cubic content is 48 382 m3, number of floors is 6, number of premises is 158. Thebuildingismadeoftwocubiccontents. Compositional dominant is a high body of the auditorium, which is growing from one-story part of the entrance hall, the lobby and administrative and utility premises. The structure of the building includes: the lobby with the area of ​​2 308m3, the entrance hall with a cloakroom for 1 609 persons, 2 bars, an auditorium with 1 609 seats (the area of ​​the stalls is 1 594 m2, balcony area is 434 m2), the stage with an area 340 m2 with an orchestra pit with the area of ​​72 m2, 7 dressing rooms for artists (3 “luxury” rooms with the area of ​​76m2, 4 rooms with the area of 67 m2), administrative and utility rooms, rehearsal hall for ballet – 96 m2, the restaurant (which has a separate entrance) – the area of ​​248 m2. The entrance hall with cloakroom has been combined with a spacious lobby with the area of ​​2 308 m3 smoothly entering to the auditorium via a wide staircase.


The capacity of the auditorium is 1 620 seats, 911 seats in the stalls, amphitheater Sector A – 52 seats, Sector B – 2 seats, balcony – 605 seats (stalls area is 1 594 m2, balcony area is 434 m2). The hall has been equipped with modern sound system, ventilation and air-conditioning systems that control the temperature of the hall, as well as comfortable armchairs, which are arranged so that there is complete visibility of the stage.


The concert hall meets all the acoustic requirements: reverberation time is 2 seconds, early reflections decay time ranging 1.3 to 2.1 seconds, clarity and transparency of sound ranging 10 to 20 dB, central time – 5 ms to 1 s, energy of early lateral reflections ranging 0.... to 1 s.


Technical characteristics of the stage: area of the stage is 378 m2; capacity is up to 1 000 people. Technical parameters: the width is 21.5 m, the depth is 17.5 m, stage height to gridirons is 18 m, the height to teasers is 7.9 m; there are 2 portal spotlights. 9 available plates of the stage provide an opportunity to transform it in height ranging from 0 to 180 cm, 11 flying bars of the stage allow raising and lowering the scenery weighing up to 320 kg each. The orchestra pit (the width of 4 m, length of 15 m) can seat any composition of the music orchestra.


The building has been equipped with hardware that meets new technologies and creates the desired lighting effect and the desired sound quality for holding concerts according to the relevant standards of sound and light maintenance. The building has been equipped with the sound hardware that has trilocular sound system, Meyer Sound: the sound output is 20-25 kW, frequency range is 40 Hz – 20000 KHz, with Soundcraft Vi-G remote control. The building has been equipped with a dimmer lighting remote control (aspic frontal lighting, lighting in certain areas of the stage during dramatized productions, when focusing on anchormen, speech-stands, etc. for the colored aspic frontal stage, the auditorium, walls, wings or fragments of scenery located in the forefront for filling lighting of the foreground for additional illumination of the auditorium during the television filming, illumination of the auditorium, wings or elements of scenery to create the effect of light flashes when emphasizing strong stakes of the variety composition, create different effects in the scenery, change colors, animation). The equipment package also includes generators and stage fans that create a light haze on the stage enabling visual perception of light picture not only on the scenery or the coating of the stage, but also in the space, which is especially important during the variety events.

Management of the entire complex of lighting equipment is carried out with two lighting consoles – AvolitesPearl 2004 and RoadHog 4. All the dimmer static devices are controlled from the first console, all the dynamic tools are controlled from the second console. For the convenience of light artists who go around the world together with the touring teams, it is possible to rewire and patch all the devices to any of the panels. For complex equipment of the stage and creation of magic scenery, it is planned to make installation of additional lighting farm between 1st and 2nd floodlights, where filling full-turn light LED devices with two independent DTSWONDER optical groups in the amount of 8 pieces will be located which will improve the quality of the filling stage lighting and scenery.

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