Works on capture and extermination of stray dogs and cats are carried out pursuant to the Regulations for Capture and Extermination of Stray Dogs and Cats in Astana approved by the Decision No. 448/62-V of Maslikhat of Astana dated December 23, 2015.

Capture, transportation and temporary keeping and extermination of stray animals in Astana is carried out by the specialized organization of “Astana Vetservice” Communal State Enterprise on the basis of economic management.

There is a total of 3 teams who work daily in the city using specialized vehicles. Requests received from the “051 Service” and from the population of the district are processed on the daily basis.

The permitted capture tools include: loops, pneumatic guns using tranquilizing agents with relevant certificate with the dosage, nets, scoop-net traps, as well as other means and devices that do not result in death of animals at the moment of capture actions.

Unclaimed stray animals are subject to be exterminated 3 (three) calendar days after publishing information in the media and at the web-resources of the specialized organization. Stray animals are subject to be killed by medication before the extermination, using drugs that are not prohibited by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Extermination of stray animals is carried out in the specialized incinerator for extermination and cremation of sick animals.

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