Qamqor: Protection of Business Against Illegal Inspections!

Qamqor Mobile Application

“Qamqor” mobile application developed by the Committee for Legal Statistics and Special Accounts of the General Prosecutor's Office will secure your business against illegal inspections:

  • in you have already been visited with an inspection, you can check the legality of the inspection carried out by any state body (SES, fire department, tax inspection, etc.);
  • you will be notified in advance about the scheduled inspection of your company.

The mobile app is available for Android (, as well as for iOS (

How does the Qamqor mobile application work?

1) install the application on your smartphone;

2) enter the number of the certificate on the inspection appointment (authorization is not required);

3) you will receive full information about the subject, the terms of inspection, etc .;

4) in case of violation, you shall send a complaint using the application;

5) the mobile group reviews the complaint received;

6) if the inspection is unreasonable, such inspection shall be canceled and the inspectors shall be brought to responsibility.

The application will warn you in advance about the scheduled inspection. For this purpose, the following is required:

1) register as a Limited Liability Partnership or Individual Entrepreneur;

2) subscribe to PUSH-notifications in the application settings;

3) when a new inspection is registered in relation to your LLP/IE, you will receive a PUSH-notification.

In addition, if you have a question, you can contact the staff of the Committee for Legal Statistics and Special Accounts in the online chat of the application, as well as find answers to the most pressing questions about inspections.

What kind of inspection can be recognized as illegal?

The inspection is considered invalid if conducted with gross violations of the requirements of the Entrepreneurial Code, including the following:

  • absence of grounds for conducting the inspection;
  • non-availability of an act on the inspection appointment;
  • failure to meet the deadlines for notification of the inspection;
  • violation of the frequency of special inspections and selective inspections;
  • failure to provide the entity being inspected with an act on the inspection appointment;
  • appointment of inspections on issues that are not within their competence;
  • carrying out inspections without registration of the act on the inspection appointment in the authorities for legal statistics and special accounts;
  • violation of the inspections timing.

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