Currently, there are 9 parks with a total area of 396.4 ha, four boulevards with an area of 30 ha, as well as 90 public gardens with an area of 131.9 ha located in the capital.

The total number of trees has exceeded 369 thousand pieces in the city. Its number annually grows due to planting carried out within the landscaping measures taken and construction and reconstruction of parks and public gardens, as well as new construction sites greening according to design estimates (DE). Averagesurvivabilityoftreesinthecapitalis92%.

In 2015, there were 19 202 trees bedded out in the city, including 7 552 trees in Almaty District, 2 136 trees in Saryarka District, 9 514 trees in Yessil District. In addition, 4 891 running meters of hedge was planted out.

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