Smart School

The objective is to ensure security, convenience and automation of processes in the schools of Astana.

Basic components are as follows: access control and management system (hereinafter – ACMS), video surveillance, e-library, e-canteen and personal account.

It was commissioned in June 2015 and operates in the Gymnasium School No. 3 SI and Lyceum School No. 15 SI.

Implementation of the ACMS module resulted in the complete record-keeping for persons entering the school building, as well as restricted entries for unauthorized persons.

Effect of the project:

  • improvement of students safety in schools up to 85%;
  • prevention of unauthorized persons presence in schools up to 90%;
  • prevention of emergency situations in schools up to 75%;
  • automation of the library collection record-keeping by more than 60%.

It is planned to expand the project in all schools of the capital by attracting investment and providing service model services.

Smart Polyclinic

The objective is to improve the quality of medical services by automation of internal and external processes of polyclinics.

The main components of the project are an information system, a self-service terminal, online registration via web-portal.

It was commissioned in June 2015 and operates in the Municipal Polyclinic No. 4 in Astana.

As a part of the project, more than 300 jobs have been automated, 631 people out of the personnel have passed training, more than 750 types of survey protocols have been downloaded into the project’s information system, services have been provided through the information system of the project to more than 106 thousand patients, approximately 2 thousand patients have been registered for doctor’s appointments online and self-service terminal.

Effect of the project:

  • reduction of services provision to a patient by a physician of the polyclinic up to 10 minutes;
  • reduction of lines at the reception of the polyclinic by 30%;
  • improvement of the efficiency and informative content of diagnostic tests by at least 85%, time saving for medical staff.

Expansion of the project in all the polyclinics of the capital through investment attraction, and provision of services based on the service model have been scheduled.

Smart Tickets

The purpose of the project is improvement of accessibility and convenience to the public in purchasing tickets for cultural and sporting events of Astana by automation of its sale procedures.

Implementation of “Smart Tickets” project will enhance the quality of public services, as well as allow saving time of residents and guests of the capital for going to box offices, providing transparent financial activities of institutions.

Cultural and sports facilities of the city which are subordinate to the Mayor’s Office of Astana have been selected as a platform for the project implementation.

In 2015, 11 cultural facilities were connected to the “Smart Tickets” system.

It is planned to connect another facilities (cinema theatres) of the city. In addition, it is planned to develop a single ticket, which will include a travel package for tourists, the opportunity of visiting any cultural, sports facilities and museums.


  • increase in tickets sales up to 30% by means of the use of gadgets;
  • saving time for going to box offices of cultural and sports facilities;
  • ensuring transparency of financial activities of the institutions;
  • formation of any form of analytical reports on attendance and financial indicators of cultural and sports facilities.

Smart Payments

The objective of the project is the creation of the single account for all the payments of a consumer.

The project represents a mechanism of utilities services payments through the single payment document.

Smart Payments is the payment for utilities services in e-format, which offers the user to pay bills for water supply, water discharge, gas supply, removal of household waste, housing and maintenance expenses, electric power supply, heat supply, telecommunication services.

The personal account will also keep the history of payments given the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Personal Data and Its Protection”.

After the user’s authorization, access to the personal account will be received and identification of the recipient will be completed. Electronic cash-box can be topped up via payment terminals and bank cards (Visa).

Smart Street Lighting

Objective is to ensure the energy efficiency of street lighting by equipping street lighting systems with power regulators: street lighting dimming and reduction operating costs for street lighting.

It was commissioned in June 2015 on Yenbekshiler Str. of Yessil District in Astana.

Within the project framework, the old sodium-vapor lamps have been replaced with new LED lamp, facilities of street lighting and park illumination of the city have been examined to determine their quantity, location and status (there are 30 177 lamps for street lighting and 17 542 lamps for park illumination in the city).

As a result, energy savings amounted to more than 50% or 244 thousand tenge compared to the same period of previous years (before the pilot project implementation – 52 310 kW of electric power, after the launch of the pilot project – 24 792 kW).

Effect of the project:

  • software that allows controlling lamps remotely, as well as receiving information on the status of each lamp individually;
  • control the load of each lamp using dimming;
  • achieved energy saving of over 51% compared to the same period of previous years;
  • reduction of operating costs through remote monitoring and control, as well as reduction in the number of mobile teams;
  • no special disposal for the lamps and light bulbs, as there are no harmful substances (mercury) contained in the lamps;
  • remote online lighting control via smartphones and tablets.

It is planned to expand the project based on PPP model, which will involve replacement of more than 47 thousand sodium-vapor street lamps in the city by the modern and safe LED lamps.

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