Astana Office for Youth Policy pays much attention to professional guidance for the younger generation in terms of youth employment.

As a part of "My Right Choice" set of measures for career guidance and promotion of blue-collar professions, advocacy and propaganda works are carried out among high school students of all the secondary schools in the city since 2014; excursions and meetings with representatives of blue-collar professions in industrial enterprises of the city (“Tsesna- Astyk” Concern” JSC, “Tulpar-Talgo” LLP, “PK TSELINGIDROMASH” Company, “StalTsink” Plant, etc.). As a result of the works carried out in 2015, the number of high school graduates willing to get enrolled in technical and vocational, that is, on-demand, professions of the labor market has significantly increased.

At the same time, "Zhasyl Yel and SSO" program, within which more than a thousand students are forwarded to jobs in the city’s construction and landscaping each year, is effectively operating. In 2015, more than 1 500 young people have been employed in large companies such as "Bazis-A", "Astana Ormany", "Zhasyl Aimak" and others as a part of this program.

It is worth noting that 300 young members of "Zhasyl Yel" took part in the construction of EXPO-town.

Inquiries in regard to employment issues can be submitted to "Astana Zhastary" MSE at the address: Astana, 14 Beybitshilik Str., 12th Floor, "MARDEN" BC (former "Shakhnaz" BC). Tel: Employment Department - 76-86-83, Reception - 76-86-88, or to the Office at the address: Astana, Saryarka District, 23/1 Y. Dukenuly Str., 2nd floor.

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