One of the objectives of the Office is to attract a large number of young people in volunteer activities, as well as to inform young people about EXPO-2017 International Exhibition.

The basic idea is to attract volunteers as much as possible, to form an effective team within a short period of time that will participate in the implementation of social projects. Today, volunteers from among students from universities, VET institutions, as well as senior students of secondary schools actively participate in the city events, organize sports and creative activities.

The Youth Resource Center of "Astana Zhastary" Municipal State Institution was created under the authority of the Office. One of the directions of activities in this center is focused on the development and support for the volunteer movement among young people. The center provides personnel training on leadership and volunteering through the Volunteering School, as well as promotes volunteering among young people.

Learning process in the Volunteering School has three stages.

1. Development of the level of language (Kazakh, English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, German, Japanese).

2. Study of history, significant events of the Republic of Kazakhstan and attractions in Astana.

3. Development of communication skills, study of the features of foreign states’ mentalities, psychological preparation.

Currently, "Astana Zhastary" MSI has formed a team of 300 active volunteers. In total, there are about 1 300 volunteers registered.

Any inquiries regarding enrollment for volunteering can be made at the following address: Astana, 14 Beybitshilik Str., 12th floor, "Marden" BC (former "Shakhnaz" BC). Tel: Department for Volunteerism Development/ Domestic Clubs Department: 76-86-89, Reception: 76-86-88.

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