The total number of trees in the city has exceeded 369 thousand pieces. Its quantity is increasing annually by planting within greening activities, as well as due to the construction and reconstruction of parks and public gardens and greening the territories of new construction sites in accordance with design and estimate documentation (DED). The average root-taking rate of trees in the capital is 92%.

In 2015, there were 19 202 trees bedded out in the city, including 7 552 trees in Almaty District, 2 136 trees in Saryarka District, 9 514 trees in Yessil District. In addition, 4 891 meters of green hedges have been planted out.

In celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Victory Day, construction of walks with the monument to the General Panfilov and 28 Panfilov Heroes has been completed and the public garden with the monument to the Soldiers of Akmola has been reconstructed.

Construction of two public gardens has been also finalized: one public garden along Korgalzhyn Highway and the other one in Koktal-2 Residential Area between Kusmuryn and Tarbagatai streets. DED has been developed for 12 public gardens, including 6 of them in the territory of the healthcare facilities and 6 public gardens in urban areas.

In 2016, within the citywide environmental clean-up held on April 23, another 16 303 seedlings of trees (red willow, Tatarian maple, pine, birch, oak, Lombardy poplar, mountain ash) have been bedded out, including 8 437 trees – in Almaty District, 5 606 – in Yessil District, and 2 260 trees – in Saryarka District.

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