The area of ​​the green belt of Astana exceeds 14.8 thousand hectares, where more than 11.5 million pieces of trees and shrubs grow.

In the period from 1998 to 2004, hardwood was mainly planted: common birch, Chinese elm, broadleaved elm, Scots pine, Russian olive, Kazakhstan poplar, golden currant, Tatarian dogwood, cherry, Tatarian honeysuckle. The share of hardwood is 98.2%, conifers – 1.8%.

Within the framework of the first and second stages project implementation, about 1.8 million seedlings with closed root system were planted in the area of ​​1 323.5 ha, perennial grasses (honey plants) were sown on the area of ​​452.1 ha in the period from 2012 to 2016. The average survival rate is 90%.

In 2016, according to the “Reconstruction of Green Spaces and Creation of Forest Cultures of the Second Input in the Green Belt of Astana. 2nd Stage” project, there were 353 560 seedlings with closed root system planted on the area of ​​291.1 hectares, including conifers – 135 238 pieces, hardwood – 218 322 pieces.

As of today, the “Reconstruction of Green Spaces and Creation of Forest Cultures of the Second Input in the Green Belt of Astana. 3rd Stage” project has been developed.

The green belt territory is becoming a habitat of hares, corsak foxes and birds mainly represented by partridges and pheasants. Over 6 years 8 083 animal units have been grown in the pheasant yard by means of incubation. For further reproduction and development, 6033 pheasants were released in 2015 in the territory of the green belt. The aviaries contain 210 species of breeding stock and 1 800 young pheasants. Monitoring of pheasants’ habitat shows its annual distribution on large areas of the green belt, its active reproduction in the wild is observed.

In order to develop the green belt further, allotment of land plots of the area of ​​8 060 hectares was additionally carried out in 2015, and it is planned to allot 6 084 ha of land for green fields in 2016.

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